10 breeds of sheepdogs

During the process of domestication of dogs, herding functions were mainly sought. Not all breeds of sheepdogs share the same characteristics, because sheep and cattle herding is different. Sheep consist of grouping sheep running around them while cattle herders should not run as much because cows group together.

10 breeds of sheepdogs

Border Collie

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This collie is medium in size and has an athletic, well-proportioned body, a very balanced silhouette. The Border Collie is considered the smartest dog in the world. He is very agile, skilled and obedient in all aspects. It is one of the most famous and most desired shepherd dogs. He is very affectionate and friendly with both people and those of his species, does not show an iota of aggressiveness, although his tremendous energy sometimes leads him to behave somewhat roughly.

He is very restless, curious and nervous, especially in his youth, and his sheepdog instinct pushes him to watch everything that happens around him. In addition, it is a very active dog, with inexhaustible energy, and can spend hours playing or running without rest.

Australian Shepherd

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The Aussie, as he is affectionately known, is very close to people and has a marked tendency to please them. As a former sheepdog, he has maintained his own ideas and, therefore, some autonomy.

At first he is reserved before strangers, but ends up letting go quickly thanks to his friendly and kind character. He is also patient and sociable with children and other pets. However, it is possible that other animals, children, runners or even cars awaken their herding instinct. Therefore, it is important to mark the limits clearly and offer many activities to this dog so applied and versatile.


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As its name suggests, this dog is a shepherd from birth. This does not mean that he only guides and protects cattle, but that he adopts this role and performs the same functions with which he considers “his family”. This breed requires regular training. In addition, escapades to the mountains or any outdoor place, where you can run and feel free, are very beneficial for your health, both physically and mentally.

One of its most relevant physical qualities is its fur: it has a powerful layer of hair that protects it from weather adversities. There are different colors, although the most common is black and with “brown” edges.

Belgian Shepherd

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It is one of the most energetic and tireless breeds there is. That is why they are usually rescue and police service dogs. He is very intelligent and has a lot of character, but thanks to that intelligence he is one of the most obedient. These sheepdogs respond very well to training through positive reinforcement, excessive severity confuses them and does not lead to the desired educational success. They will always be eager to learn, which makes them excellent students, and, thanks to this, they enter the list of most obedient dogs.

As a herding dog, which in addition to protecting the livestock was also responsible for protecting the farmer and his belongings, the Belgian Shepherd still has all the valuable qualities of a guardian for houses and estates.

Carpathian Shepherd

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The Carpathian shepherd is appreciated not only for his gifts for grazing, but also for his fierceness and courage in defending the flocks he has to guard. They are very calm dogs, balanced character and attentive. They adapt well to family life with children or animals, but they usually need some space to move or can get a little overwhelmed, so it is recommended to have them in houses with gardens or grounds, although they can get used to life in flats.

Caucasus Shepherd

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The Caucasian Shepherd or Caucasian Shepherd is a breed of dog originating in Eastern Europe and especially representative in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia, as well as other countries that need extra protection for their flocks and properties. He is a powerful dog, proud of himself and trusts his instincts so it is possible that he does not respect whoever seems to him who does not rule over him.

It is a protective animal with its family, which it will consider its clan, and also with the children, who take care of them as if they were their offspring. You can be quite aggressive if someone approaches your trusted people.

Basque Shepherd Dog

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The Basque shepherd is characterized by being very sociable, intelligent, hardworking and cheerful. He is very attached to his master, to whom he has a close relationship and to whom he will always be faithful. It is a shepherd dog by nature, loves to control flocks of sheep. Although it is also an exceptional companion dog, which will lend itself to play, run, jump, walk and let itself be petted at all times.

In general, it is characterized by brown eyes, shorter hair on the head than on the rest of the body, triangular and medium ears, black truffle, a lot of mobility in the tail and a strong body constitution. It can live from 11 to 13 years.

Shepherd of the Pyrenees

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He is a good dog with children and that, despite his work as a shepherd in the countryside, has managed to adapt to life in the city and can live in apartments. But, on the other hand, it is still a very active animal, which implies that we will have to provide adequate exercise to avoid problems due to excess energy.

Like all sheepdogs, it is a very intelligent animal with very high energy levels.

Australian Cattle Shepherd

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The Australian Cattle Shepherdis a loyal, energetic, brave and very intelligent dog. He learns very quickly the rules and regulations that he must comply with, although they are very energetic and tireless, so they need training since they are very young.

It is an agile and nervous dog that needs to burn energy to feel good and be relaxed, so it needs at least 3 daily walks and enjoy a few minutes of running on grass without a leash. It is advisable to correct the urge to bite when they are small, otherwise it will come out instinctively when you get excited when you grow up.

Old English Shepherd

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The Bobtail is one of the most charismatic dog breeds in the UK. Also known by the name of “Old English shepherd dog” it is thought that its origin is linked to the Roman legions that brought them with them from Central Europe being their ancestor the English Mastiff.

Like most sheepdogs he is quite intelligent, being a great guardian of the home. If we have children at home it will be his delight since he is a great playmate, he also likes home life whenever he is with his owners, he hates loneliness.

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By Lee Chun Hei