10 things only a dog owner understands

I have many friends who literally die of envy for the great dog I have, and this is because life is always better accompanied by a canine; so all people who don’t have dogs can only be envious, but good, when they see a person enjoying the company, thanks and all the things their dog does.

While having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, there are also a lot of fun things, things that only a dog owner understands and can enjoy like nothing in this world.

10 things only a dog owner understands

Throw something at your dog and not catch it
When your dog walks in style
Want to imitate your dog
When you have to look everywhere for your dog, it’s always where you least expect it.
watch tv together
Exercising together is something very special
When your dog trolls you in front of everyone
Give your dog a massage because he asks you to
Laugh because I don’t jump correctly
When something scares your dog

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By Lee Chun Hei