5 tricks to take care of your dog’s hair

There are long-haired, short-haired, smooth or silky, and even rough: your pet’s hair must be taken care of and today we give you the best tips to do it correctly.


Depending on the type of your dog’s hair, this will be the frequency and intensity with which you will have to wash and brush it. We start from the assumption that if your pet is washed and combed, and taken care of in general, it will feel much better and more comfortable. You will no longer have so many itches due to tangled hair and your blood circulation will improve with brushing. In this way, we also make the fur more beautiful and durable, since it will shed much less, it will be more resistant. This way it grows back much healthier and dead hairs are removed.


If there is an ideal place for ticks, it is the matted hair of a dog. Also that of mites and fleas, which causes it to suffer from eczema that can be very dangerous. This time of the year (autumn) and in the spring are the seasons in which the shedding of the hair in dogs usually occurs, so you must be especially careful at this time. In your online pet store you will find everything you need to be able to do it.

Short-haired dogs are the ones that bring the least problems in this regard. It is much easier to keep their coat healthy since its care does not involve a great effort. You only have to brush it from time to time, with some regularity, without overdoing it so as not to damage its skin, which is much more sensitive. With a simple brush or a comb you can do the job without problems. You always have to do it, yes, against the grain to be able to better eliminate dead hairs. You don’t have to bathe him every day: your pet could lose his natural fat and need another 6 weeks to regain it.

This would be the case of dogs with long fur, which must be cared for every day with a hard brush to be able to undo all the knots or tangles. With a thick bristle comb you can finish the job off. Although when she changes her hair, usually in the fall, you have to put this process into practice even more often. Even twice a day. And if the fur is too long, then cut it where it is most unkempt.

Those are the silky-coated dogs. At least you have to wash his hair once every two or three months, in addition to cutting it very often. Use a fine brush to remove tangles and then use a bristle brush, which is the one that will give light to the coat.

Rough coats and smooth coats

Smooth-coated dogs do not need much grooming. It is only necessary to brush once a week to remove dead hair. On the other hand, if your dog has a rough and matte coat, at Best for Pets we recommend that you brush it daily.

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By Lee Chun Hei