A dog is not a toy

We must be aware that our pet is not a video game with which we can interact cybernetically. Our pet requires dignified treatment and care as what it is… a living being.

As such it requires to be fed according to its age and lifestyle. If my pet is a puppy, it must consume puppy food to achieve a good development of its body and its body mass and it must be fed three to four times a day.

If the case is that our pet is already an adult dog, it will depend on the breed and how we have gotten used to it, being able to eat once or twice a day.

In any of the cases, the food must be calculated by a veterinarian since the amount it should receive per day must be divided into the number of feedings that we will offer our pet, in order to avoid malnutrition phenomena or the occurrence of another nutritional problem that is obesity.

Our pet must receive food in adequate quantity and quality to be able to perform its normal functions every day; like us, if we do not receive food we will feel bad and weak.

It is not good for our pet to be too thin, nor for it to be overweight or already having an obesity problem.

To keep our pet in shape, he must exercise just like us, to have a healthy life and thus avoid diseases that can be prevented with the simple fact of exercising and having a proper diet.

If we think that our pet is cybernetic, we are confusing ourselves with those pets that came out a few years ago and that we fed them through an apartment and took care of them so that they did not disintegrate. Having a pet is an unavoidable responsibility and that we must acquire from the moment it arrives home; It should not be a whim of a few hours or months, but rather a lifetime responsibility.

Due to this situation of responsibility, we as children must take care that they have a life in the best possible conditions, since we will obtain many benefits from them that perhaps for some moments we forget, such as having an unconditional companion to play with or accompany us, without having to give them nothing but love and care, not forgetting it and leaving it on the roof or in the backyard that we never go to, risking our pet to be forgotten as if it were a past model game. We must know that our friend will always be in force, that is, in fashion, according to our age and that he will be able to accompany us throughout our childhood and perhaps until we become adults. Being able to enjoy a pet during our childhood is important for the development of our person; the better we take care of our pet, the better life we will have.

We must never forget to feed our friend as well as clean him and give him love. This will be the least we can give him in exchange for so many happy moments that we will spend with him.

We must pamper him and play with him always, this will serve as a distraction and at the same time as a way of integrating ourselves into the responsibility of having a great friend.

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By Lee Chun Hei