Activities to keep your puppy active

A puppy needs a lot of attention and care, so it is important that before making the decision to take a new member home, you consider the time you will need to dedicate to go for a walk, exercise, be trained, take him to the vet, provide him with adequate feeding and diverse care so that it grows in a healthy way.

Do you want to know how to keep your puppy active? Every first-time owner should take into account these 4 basic ways:

1. Training: Little by little we have to incorporate different commands into his routine, one of the main ones is to prevent him from biting. Although it is not the right thing to do, it is totally normal for them to want to nibble on everything in their path, to relieve gum pain during the teething period. Remember to repeat the word “NO” clearly and with a strong tone of voice, then bring him a chew toy. Repeat this action as many times as necessary until he understands that he will have special toys at his disposal to soothe his discomfort and entertain himself.

2. Play: Staying active is part of a puppy’s growth and as the months go by it will do so more frequently. Playing not only helps them strengthen their muscles, it also develops cognitive skills, for example, the balls will test their reaction speed and they will be active running after it. Another option is to buy him a prize toy to keep him entertained with the dynamics that these provide to get them out.

3. Food: A 100% Complete and Balanced diet like the one offered by the NEW PedigreeĀ® Puppy with Nutri Defense ™, will provide your puppy with the nutrients he needs and to help strengthen his defenses. If you want to make this moment more fun, a labyrinth plate is an ideal ally to entertain him for a while, as it will help him eat moderately and his brain will work on finding the croquettes.

4. Walks: Once you have your complete vaccination record, you can start the walks to create a routine, where you can sniff, exercise, learn to toilet and release a lot of energy. Get him used to wearing his leash and immediately acquire his name plate and all the necessary data in case he gets lost.

Do not forget that puppies tend to be more active in the morning and at night, so try to do the exercises at that time and before giving food. The night walk should serve to make your puppy feel relaxed and ready to rest.

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By Lee Chun Hei