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Use the Accredited Member’s Member Search to search for a program that companies your area, and make contact with them on to be taught extra. True to his roots in archaeology, Larson isn’t ignoring the bones. His staff photographed the skulls of some 7,000 prehistoric dogs and wolves at 220 angles each, and rebuilt them in virtual house. They can use a technique referred to as geometric morphometrics to see how different features on the skulls have developed over time. Regardless of the exact date, it’s clear that over 1000’s of years, canines have mated with one another, cross-bred with wolves, travelled over the world, and been intentionally bred by humans. The ensuing ebb and circulate of genes has turned their history into a muddy, turbid mess—the homogeneous soup that Larson envisages.

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By Lee Chun Hei

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