Benefits of exercise for your dog

Providing our dog with plenty of mental and physical exercise will result in a happier, healthier and better behaved dog. Dogs that exercise bark less, chew less, sleep more, and relax more easily when left home alone. They’re also less likely to dig through trash or attack couch cushions.

From Best for Pets, your online pet store, today we give you some tips to exercise your dog in the best way.

If you like to run, ride a bike, skate, etc., it will be an excellent activity for your puppy to exercise too. In the event that you are not so fond of sports, you can still do other activities with your dog that help him exercise:

1.- Throwing a ball can be an entertaining, easy and high-impact activity for your dog. You can use a ball with a rope like the Kong Ball Air with Rope for a long-winded launch or even use a manual ball launcher like the Chuckit Launcher Sport for dogs with a high energy charge.

2.- Playing with a Frisbee is also an excellent alternative. On the one hand, your dog will gradually master the art of taking the disc in the air and on the other, there are many different throws for you to have fun practicing. You just have to note that the disc is specifically designed for dogs, this is important since otherwise you can cause damage to your dog’s lip corners in case the disc is very hard. A good alternative is the Kong Classic Flyer.

3.- Playing tug of war is another very good option. For this you must have a teether that resists the pulling and the mouth of your dog. To help get your dog to let go, start by swapping out the chew for another toy of similar value or a treat that encourages him to put the chew down for a while. Check out the wide variety of toys to play tug with your dog.

4.- Swimming is an excellent activity for your dog. In addition to being a great exercise, it is low-impact on the joints, making it ideal for dogs with joint disorders. It must be borne in mind that not all dogs can swim, there are breeds of dogs that swim, others that can swim, and other breeds of dogs that are so clumsy when swimming that they can drown. What is certain is that all breeds have the instinct to move their legs so as not to sink.

5.- Playing with other dogs is also an excellent mental and physical exercise. You can go directly to a park that has a space for dogs or if your puppy does not have too many social skills you can enroll him in a dog daycare.

Working to eat will awaken your dog’s hunting instinct

From a biological point of view, the dog is not designed to have a bowl of food in front of him. He is a hunter by nature made to work for his livelihood. He imitates this by serving her food in a treat dispenser toy like the Kong Classic. The dog will spend part of the day trying to figure out how to get the food out, and the rest recovering from the mental strain. A perfect combination!

Toys and more toys for dogs! Toys are a great way to stimulate the dog’s mind. They have individual preferences for toys, depending on the day, time, and situation. Do your research and find out what your dog likes.

The best dog toys are the ones that have a purpose. They deliver food, pose a challenge, or somehow turn themselves into something interesting. There are many different toys on the market from balls to brain teasers for dogs. And now… taking advantage of the spring days… go ahead and exercise your dog!!!

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By Lee Chun Hei