Benefits of having a cat at home

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Cats are elegant companions, rebellious, playful, with great fur and captivating eyes. Not only do they give us their love and presence, but having them as pets can bring you many benefits. Incredible as it may seem, experts and science confirm it.

To enjoy the advantages of having a cat at home, which we will list below, it is important to buy quality cat food that allows us to enjoy them for many years.

If you are thinking of adopting a kitten in your home, or you already have one, learn about the advantages of having these little cats.

They reduce stress levels, protect your heart, and regulate blood pressure. Petting these charming beings frees even the most nervous person from anxiety, relaxing our heart rate.

There is a professional study that shows how, over a period of 10 years, people who have a cat at home have a 30% less chance of suffering from heart disease than someone who does not. By reducing stress, the body experiences greater relaxation and this is achieved thanks to caresses or physical contact with these little ones. So that your pet’s coat is in good condition, we can inform you about the different cat foods that will improve it.

Likewise, feline owners have more stable blood pressure levels.

The affection they give you is therapeutic.

Did you know that being around these pets increases the level of oxytocin?

This hormone reduces the fear of relating to other people and increases feelings of empathy towards other living beings, among other beneficial effects. This is considered very important, especially when going through some personal difficulty. Just a few minutes of one-on-one petting with your cat and you’ll notice the immediate response in your body.

Learn about his independent personality.

There are many jokes about the pride of cats.

However, more than arrogance, it is a feeling of independence that is what characterizes them. Observing the freedom with which they walk around your house and the carefree way they live life can help inspire you to imitate their characteristics and behaviors. They instinctively know they deserve the best, so why not apply that rule to ourselves?

Saving time in hygiene of your cat. Because they are naturally clean, you won’t have to worry about bathing them regularly. They just need to be brushed carefully (carefully so they don’t feel forced and thus avoid possible scratches) and provide them with the best cat food so that their fur stays healthy and clean.

They help sleep better.

Again, we refer to the experts. After some studies and surveys carried out in England; it was concluded that women prefer the company of a cat to that of a man or another couple. In addition, 41% of the women surveyed state that they have slept better in the company of a pussycat than alone or accompanied by another person. Incredible but true. Are you still doubting the power of cats?

Incomparable cat massages. The movement that these animals perform with their legs is similar to a massage, coming from their deepest childhood, since that is the way they have to exert pressure on their mother to obtain milk. However, this practice is still carried out by adults when they want to give affection to their owners or simply let them know that they are happy.

Let yourself go, and allow your cat to walk on your back and relax its muscles with its paws.

They help children with autism. A study from the University of Missouri found that autistic children greatly benefit from owning a pet, especially dogs or cats. The company they give can enhance their social interaction and help them better appreciate their surroundings.

Attempts are being made to see if these same results could be extended to other children with special characteristics, such as learning disabilities or Down syndrome.

They benefit mental health. Although we have already talked about stress, the fact that we mention below is even more surprising.

After an investigation carried out by the organization Cats Protection among 600 people who had some type of mental problem, 87% of them reported an improvement in their health and behavior after adopting a feline.

As you have been able to verify, the benefits of having one or more of these wonderful creatures at home have become the object of study.

Now that you know that owning a cat is excellent for body, mind and soul and that it helps you feel loved at all times: what are you waiting for to get one?

In the event that you already enjoy the company of one or more of these animals, at Best for Pets we can give you advice on what type of food you can offer your cat so that it has strong health.

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By Lee Chun Hei