Border Collie, a dog famous for its remarkable intelligence.

Border Collies are fast, intelligent, strong dogs with a great predisposition to learn. It is the shepherd dog par excellence, it does it naturally. Active and workers live better in the field.
What is the origin of the Border Collie?

The origin of this breed is located in Northumberland, on the border between England and Scotland, which is why they are called Border (border) Collie (useful).

At the beginning of the 20th century, a separation was made between the specimens of this breed dedicated to work, where their strength and intelligence were valued more, and the specimens focused on the exhibition, where their physical appearance mattered more.

Physical characteristics of the Border Collie.

• Height: 45-55 cm
• Weight: 10-25kg
• Life expectancy: 15-20 years
• Medium size
• Coat: short and/or long
• Energy: high
Border Collie character.

When we think of the Border Collie, the same adjectives always come to mind… enthusiastic, loyal, intelligent, athletic, responsive and energetic.

As we already know, they are very active and hardworking, so if they spend a lot of time alone they will soon develop loneliness anxiety and be unhappy. Since it is a shepherd dog, they also turn out to be very protective of their family.

Border Collies are somewhat reserved or shy around strangers and these attitudes must be watched as they can be a bit abrupt at first. But in general, with good socialization from puppies there should be no problem.

If you are going to adopt a Border Collie you should know that you have to provide him with a large amount of daily exercise.

And in addition to exercise, they need their owners to pay close attention to them and assign them tasks (pick up the ball…etc.). They are very intelligent and very predisposed to learn, the more time you spend teaching them things, the stronger your bond will be.

Special care of the Border Collie.

As main care we emphasize again the importance of providing a large amount of daily exercise. You must take walks of at least 40 minutes 3 times a day. And on one of those walks you should have the chance to run freely. If you are a sporty person you will be able to enjoy these moments together, this will also strengthen your bond and you will both be happier together.

As for his coat, we recommend brushing daily or every two days. Said brushing must be done with a suitable accessory, at Best for Pets you will find multiple options.

Since he exercises so much, it is important to pay attention to his diet. This must be nutritious and energetic with high percentages of proteins. They are also known for having a delicate stomach, so I encourage you to consult us and we will answer all your questions so that you can provide them with the most suitable dog food.

They are not prone to many diseases. However, we must take him to the vet to prevent possible hip dysplasia, skin allergies or eye diseases, among others.

Being such intelligent dogs they need, of course, mental stimulation. Review the Best for Pets games focused on such stimulation. You can opt for interactive games or fill your Kong with sweets, choose the option that you like best so that your Border Collie develops its intelligence.

Curiosities of the Border Collie breed.

It is the most intelligent dog in the world, they can learn a command with less than 5 repetitions.

He is an excellent watchdog.

You can have one eye of each color.

It is perfect for families with children.

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By Lee Chun Hei