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Cats are naturally clean animals, they lick themselves to remove adhering dirt and thus make their fur softer and act better as an insulating layer. But it is important to remember that, although our beloved cats are capable of carrying out a daily cleaning of themselves, not everything is done, it is our duty to brush, bathe, cut their nails and clean their eyes, teeth and ears.

Brushing is an essential part of our pet’s hygiene, it is important to get used to it from a young age. Short-haired cats should be brushed at least once a week and longer-haired cats once a day. It is important to correctly choose the type of brush that best suits our pet.

Next, we will show you some options: FURMINATOR SHORT HAIR CATS

It is indicated for short-haired cats. Its ergonomic design is very comfortable to use and has a stainless steel edge that collects all the hairs and a practical button to remove them quickly.

You will also find this same type of brush for long-haired cats: FURMINATOR LONG HAIR CAT

We continue with the cat bath. Bathing your cat is essential to maintain optimal hygiene. The ideal would be to get your cat used to it from a young age. To bathe our cat, it is best to prepare a bathtub with warm water and apply a cat shampoo. At Best for Pets we have different options of shampoos, creams and balms that will make this task easier and more pleasant for both our kitty and us. Visit our special hygiene section for kittens.

Cutting our cats’ nails is important for their health, since if they are too long, they can limit their movements and cause injuries due to poor support of their extremities. It may be a somewhat more complicated task, but we must know that we must make the cut right at its final end, without affecting the meaty part, as it will cause pain and even a small hemorrhage. In our store we have special pliers and nail clippers that will facilitate this task: click here

Finally, we will focus on cleaning teeth, ears and eyes. To carry out this task we have different products from prestigious brands such as BIOGANCE, BEAPHAR or SINERGY LABS. Visit our special section Dental care, eyes and ears for cats, finally, the teeth of our cats. These are cleaned to prevent the appearance of tartar. This task must be done very little by little, getting our cat used to introducing objects into its mouth through games, and when we see it relaxed we will introduce the brush, the ideal will be to brush the simplest teeth first, that is, those of the front of the mouth. As we control the situation and our cat is calm, we will move on to the rear teeth.

It is important to choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste. You saw in our store the special section for the dental hygiene of our kittens.

With this we will have completed the hygiene of our beloved cats and as you can see, the cleaning that they themselves seek is not enough, we must help them since there are areas that they do not get to clean at all.

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By Lee Chun Hei