Cat or dog? What pet to choose?

short-coated white dog

Before incorporating a pet into your family, we invite you to consider the following points…
What does it mean to have a pet?

Do you have time?
It should be one of your priorities when choosing a pet: value the time you should and can dedicate to the animal. Dogs, cats and other pets cannot be ignored simply because you are tired or busy. They need food, water, exercise, affection and company every day of every year.

Can you financially afford a pet?
The costs of keeping a pet can be high. Veterinary care from day one, sterilization, training, food, cat litter, accessories, toys, hygiene items, hairdressing and other expenses that add up and add up.

Can you have a pet where you live?
In some condominiums, pets are not allowed or there are restrictions. You should make sure you know what the rules are where you live before bringing a furry companion home.

Do you have enough space to house a pet?
You must think about the comfort of the animal. While a cat does not care much about spaces as long as he has his own inside the house, the dog does need more space to play and move.

Is it a good time for you to get a pet?
You must analyze the current moment in which you find yourself, if you live alone and travel often, it may be better to wait for a more stable moment in your life and not depend on friends or hotels for pets.

Can you be a responsible owner?
Respect the regulations of the municipality, put the chip. registering it in the census, etc… are things that are part of being a responsible owner. Of course, giving your pet love, companionship, exercise, a healthy diet, and regular veterinary care are also essential.

Are you willing to commit for life?
Reflect before adopting or acquiring a pet. It will provide you with affection and incredible moments, but only if you are willing to dedicate your time, your love and responsibility.

Pet suitable for your profile

In general terms, if you are active and you like sports, your best option is a dog since they have a lot of energy, and you can go for a walk and play with them. On the other hand, if you are a calm person and you like to be calm, your option is cats, since they are serene and not very active animals.

Depending on the previously mentioned implications, your personality and that of your family, take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of having a dog or a cat before choosing.


They are good companions for children.
They create emotional dependence on their owners.
They are quite loud.
Its maintenance is more expensive.
They require more space in the home.
They are protective animals.
They demand more attention.
They are energetic, playful and active.
They can be messy.
They are affectionate and seem to understand you.


They tend to be little patient.
They are more detached from their owners.
They transmit tranquility thanks to their purring.
They are extremely clean…
They are cute..
They are individualists and do not demand too much attention.
They tend to be lazy and inactive during the day.
You can leave them alone at home for several days.s
Its maintenance and care are cheaper.

As you can see, both animals are very different from each other, but both can give you company, laughter and loyalty.
Whatever decision you make, please take care of your pet as it deserves.

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By Lee Chun Hei