Cats and cardboard boxes… a mystery solved

Every cat owner knows how their kittens love cardboard boxes. They really are something magnetic and irresistible to them.

Let’s remember that cats are hunters by nature and therefore, many of the actions they perform in their daily lives have to do with their natural character. We know that they are very clean when it comes to defecating and that they always bury their waste in the sand, but this is nothing more than a natural gesture to prevent them from being discovered or caught by another hunter.

Likewise, when they are free, they hide and take refuge in natural hiding places to surprise their prey. And this behavior is duplicated by kittens that live indoors, looking for safe hiding places to take refuge and stay warm.

In addition, cats are very susceptible to stressful situations that they cannot easily control, changes of address, travel, the arrival of another cat or pet in the family, and even sudden visits from other unknown humans. Therefore, cats combat this stress by hiding or taking refuge in some secluded place.

Well, cardboard boxes provide cats with that calm and desired refuge, whether it is to combat stress, to seek warmth or simply to feel safe in the face of an unwanted situation.

After a scientific study, carried out in a cat shelter in the Netherlands, it was determined that cardboard boxes relieve cats of anxiety and stress. Two groups of cats were divided, the first group was given cardboard boxes and the second group was not, and in just a few days, the first group was more sociable and interested in contact with humans, while the second group remained scared. and with high levels of stress before the change of the environment.

Therefore, it was demonstrated that providing shelters for our kitties allows them to naturally control their stress levels and therefore facilitate their coexistence with humans.

In our pet store, Best for Pets, we have a wide selection of shelters and cat flaps for cats that will delight your kittens and that also work like cardboard boxes, providing them with their own space, collected and warm for them.

In addition, the cat flaps that we have available have different types of materials so that, in turn, cats can find surfaces to scratch, soft surfaces to sleep or rest on, hangers with toys to encourage play and, of course, small ones. shelters to hide.

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By Lee Chun Hei