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When no one is residence, the canine or cat should always be securely confined so unsupervised interactions usually are not potential. If the canine obsessively digs on the separation barrier or barks at the cat for greater than a day or two, the interplay doubtless won’t work without correct coaching. Sometimes the dog should be confined to a crate or one other room (or taken to a different location if he can’t be left alone) to permit the cat time to roam free and examine the odor of the dog. If a canine loves chasing things, then a fearful, shy cat who runs away most likely wouldn’t be the only option, as it might trigger the canine to chase. Similarly, an lively cat who runs and pounces would fall into this same category. A better match right here could be a peaceful, assured cat who won’t run .

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Are visits to the canine park teaching your canine to chase and bully each dog he sees? Is allowing your canine in the yard unsupervised allowing him to bark and lunge at canines and folks passing by? Don’t be afraid to determine on new actions for your canine if his present ones are reinforcing bad habits. Many individuals right their dog for any perceived display of aggression.

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