Devon Rex Cat A mischievous, sweet and loving cat!

The Devon Rex cat leaves no one indifferent due to its physical peculiarity and external appearance so different from other cats, but also due to its character that seeks the company of people and will be able to establish very strong bonds with those people with whom it is feel closer and connected. He is, along with black cats, a cat that also stands out for its intelligence. They are tenacious and love interactive puzzle-type toys. They are capable of amazing things!

Origin of the Devon Rex cat.

The first specimen of this breed was discovered in Devon, England, among a litter abandoned in an old mine. The name of the first recognized Devon Rex was Kirlee and he became famous for starting the breed that would become known as the Devon Rex.

At first, it was thought that the curly hair of the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex could be related by the same gene and that they could interbreed, but the pups came out with straight hair, so it was concluded that the hair Curly belonged to two different races.

The appearance of the Devon Rex has always attracted attention due to its curly hair, its huge ears and its mocking expression.
Physical characteristics of the Devon Rex cat.

It is a medium-sized cat, although its long hair makes it appear larger. Its body is thick, with a short tail and small ears.

• Weight: males > 4 and 6 kg and females up to 3-5 kg
• Height: between 27 and 38 cm
• Life expectancy: 9 and 15 years
• Coat: short, fine and curly
• Head: small, short and angular
• Eyes: large, luminous, oval and separated
• Ears: large, bat-like
• Body: muscular and elongated

Devon Rex cat character.

The Devon Rex is an active and sociable cat. They usually describe them as “imps” in an affectionate way because it is a very naughty cat.

In addition, some owners of this breed of cat point out that it has similar attitudes to those of dogs, such as its devotion to throwing toys and its ability to walk on a harness and leash. As we mentioned before, they are cats who love to spend time solving puzzle-type toys or “fighting” with interactive toys. They are curious and tenacious and love to investigate everything that catches their attention.

Although physically it may appear to be a fragile cat, it is quite the opposite, the Devon Rex is generally a strong and healthy cat.

He is intelligent and dependent on his masters, he loves spending time with his family.

Special care of the Devon Rex.

Although he is a strong cat, he is prone to health problems due to his genetic nature and the results of his crosses.

The most prominent ailments or diseases are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia or myopathy or muscle weakness.

It has a very special coat, due to a recessive gene that keeps it partially bristly and very fine. Sheds hair in small quantities and hardly requires bathing.

Brush their coat two or three times a week and only use specific shampoos for cats with oily hair.

You are prone to problems related to excess earwax. Pay special attention to cleaning your ears.

He is one of the most scrupulous cats when it comes to cleaning his litter box, so we recommend keeping it clean, fresh and smelling good.

Curiosities of the Devon Rex cat.

• They are very eaters.
• There are few specimens in the world.
• At birth they have no hair, it will grow during the first three months of life, but it will always stay short, so it is important to protect them in winter.
• Their auditory system is highly developed, which is why it is good to avoid loud sounds as they can scare them or make them nervous.

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By Lee Chun Hei