Discover the benefits that a dog brings to the life of an older adult

On August 28, we celebrate our most valuable beings, who are full of love, tolerance and who always make us feel better: grandparents. They become a fundamental part of our lives from the time we are little, because they teach us how far we can go and the great love that only they know how to give.

Did you know that for an older adult, having a dog at home is one of the best experiences? Coexistence will fill him with vitality, strength and many joys. Since he starts the day, he will have a partner not only at home but also in life, dedicating the best moments to him for everything they share.

It is never too late to enjoy the company and unconditional love that a pet offers, and in the case of the elderly, it can be the starting point to quickly increase their well-being.

A small breed puppy is the ideal option because grandparents can easily feed them with the full variety of Cesar® sachets, which in addition to having delicious and healthy recipes, give them all the energy they need for the day.

If you still do not know all the physical and emotional benefits that a dog can bring to an older adult, learn about them below:

They will be in constant activity because they have fun, remember schedules for walks, food, homework and stay active.

A puppy will invite them to play petting them, even to activate their mental and emotional state.

The walks and exercises, adapted to the possibilities of each older adult, will strengthen your heart rate and the functions of your heart, as well as your bones and joints.
Having a pet will make them feel full and accompanied, they will even sleep better and feel much more active throughout the day.

”Older adults can often experience feelings of loneliness, however, it has been proven that companion animals play an important role in social isolation; This leads to the activation of the brain of the elderly, since it invites them to have other types of conversations and meet new people. In addition to involving company, it also generates responsibility and even a routine, which will help keep an agile mind. In the same way, paying attention to caring for her has very positive emotional impacts”, mentioned Esther Charles, Veterinary Doctor for Cesar® at Mars Pet Nutrition Mexico.

Getting up in the morning, going for a walk, returning at a certain time to feed your pet, being aware of their well-being and hygiene, and playing with them, means that the owners not only have physical activity, which considerably impacts their mood. , but it also makes them have reasons to stay active and start the days knowing that someone needs them.

The best way to pamper our grandparents is by showing them at all times the love we feel for them and letting them know that their joy and happiness will always be ours. Fill him with moments to share with his pet and make him live the adventure of being accompanied every moment.

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By Lee Chun Hei