Do you know the benefits of having a dog at home?

Do you know the benefits of having a dog at home?

Surely you have heard that stroking a dog helps reduce stress or that taking it for a walk helps you also stay fit and exercise, but different studies have shown other physical and emotional impacts of having a pet at home.

The WALTHAM® Center, the leading scientific authority in research on companion animal nutrition and the human-animal bond, shares findings from studies carried out:

Reduce diseases:
A dog helps lower blood pressure and slow heart rate.
Children born into families with pets have been shown to have a lower risk of developing allergies or asthma.
Child development:
Dogs play a fundamental role in the development of children, they provide them with security, autonomy and company.
They learn values and responsibilities.
Children come to consider their pets as an unconditional friend.

Social benefits:

People are more likely to walk up to, smile, and talk to someone who is walking down the street with a dog.
Pets prevent the feeling of loneliness.
They help provide social support to those who have suffered a loss.

A pet encourages positive actions in people, without forgetting how important it is to be a responsible owner. Feed the Good in your pet and give him back all those good things he does for you. Pedigree® is a great ally to do so, as it provides them with the nutrition they need so that they can bring out the best in us, making us happy, more responsible, and strengthening the bond we have with them.

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By Lee Chun Hei