Dog Food Wet or Dry?

Choosing the most suitable food for your dog is a complicated task that pet owners face from the moment they arrive at home and throughout their lives.

It is important to bear in mind that the dog food that we must offer our gift must change throughout its life and be adapted to its age, size and physical condition.

These factors are decisive when choosing the food that we are going to provide them throughout their lives.

How old is my dog?

The first months of life are crucial and at this stage the food should be that specified for puppies as it will help it grow strong and healthy. From the year on, the food that we must provide them is adequate for adulthood, formulated with more supplements and vitamins to reinforce their health and when they get older, we must help them with a diet according to their age: the so-called Senior foods.

How big is my dog?

Regardless of age, the size of the dogs is an important factor to take into account when offering their food. The size of the kibble and other aspects in the formulation of the food make them indicated for each dog according to its size and complexion.
How much physical activity does my dog get?

It is another factor to take into account when we choose what food to provide. If your dog does a lot of physical exercise, he should eat a food that gives him a lot of energy. On the contrary, if your dog leads a more sedentary life, he should eat foods with fewer calories to avoid obesity problems.

What foods are of quality for my dog?

In general terms, we can ensure that low-priced foods, although tempting, have a much lower quality and normally provide a lot of fat that is not beneficial for our pets. They are called supermarket foods and it is preferable to make sure that we give our dog the best by going to specialized animal care establishments where we can find different options in terms of price, but always maintaining the necessary quality for their food.

Taking these premises into account, let’s now see the main differences between wet and dry dog food in order to choose the type of food that we will offer our furry dog.

Let’s keep in mind that both one variety and another are formulated by specialists in canine nutrition and their purpose is that your dog receives a balanced diet.

This type of food is presented in the form of dry croquettes. The bags that contain them are easy to store and help preserve the food itself.

There are infinite varieties that contemplate the specific needs of each dog and are formulated to ensure a long and healthy life.

Currently and within this type of food, grain-free formulas that are extremely beneficial to avoid the appearance of unwanted food allergies for our furry dogs have appeared strongly on the market.

Another advantage of dry dog food is that it contributes to their dental health. By having to chew the crunchy croquettes, the animal delays the appearance of plaque and tartar on its teeth.

These types of foods are commonly called canned or canned foods. They are also formulated to meet the specific needs of each dog, but they are also more appetizing for our pets due to their palatability and appetizing smell.

One of the advantages of this type of food is that it provides greater hydration for dogs that do not drink as much water as they should. Also, if your dog is missing a dental piece and cannot bite the dry croquettes, this type of food will help it to be properly nourished.

It must also be taken into account that this type of food is much richer in fat and therefore care must be taken with pets that tend to gain weight or are overweight.

If your dog has some type of disease, the wet diet will be the best choice since prestigious brands such as Hill’s, Pro Plan, Royal Canin, Monge, Vitalcan Therapy, Virbac HPM, Vetlife or Protect prepare specific diets in this format to nourish to dogs during possible illnesses, whether punctual or chronic.

In the event that your dog has some type of disease, it is necessary to consult your veterinarian before providing any medicated food.

The great disadvantage of this type of wet food for dogs is its conservation, once the container is opened, the maintenance instructions on the container itself must be followed so that it does not spoil.

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Visit our website, review the characteristics of each one and choose the one that best suits your dog. In case of doubts, you can consult us and we will help you with pleasure!

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By Lee Chun Hei