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Vacation in sight? Are you considering going on a car trip with your dog? Does he get nervous or uncomfortable on long journeys? Today we want to give you some advice on choosing car and travel accessories for dogs that we have in our store and that will help you when traveling with your furry dog.

Traveling with your dog by car doesn’t have to be complicated! Let’s start with some basic things!

It is important, to prevent your furry from getting dizzy and ending up vomiting, not to feed him just before traveling. We will have to wait a few hours to make sure that it has digested.

Another tip for your dog to travel relaxed, without stress or nerves, is to give him a long walk before getting in the car, of course we must make sure that he relieves himself before the trip to avoid “accidents”.

Another very important fact is to never leave him alone in the car, not even for five minutes, since the temperature inside cars rises extremely quickly and can have very serious consequences.

If your furry one has trouble getting into the car, at Best for Pets, we recommend using positive reinforcement, that is, using toys or prizes to turn the stressful situation of riding in the car into something pleasant and fun. In our online store for pets you can find some great prizes that will help you in this task and in many others. check them here

Our pets, just like us, need to travel safely in the car, we are going to see some car and travel accessories that can guarantee said safety for you and your pet.
Cages and transport boxes for dogs

Although taking our dog loose in the car is the most comfortable option, it can be very dangerous, both for the dog and for us, since it can distract us and in the event of an accident, get thrown.

Many pet owners feel sad about having to “lock” their dogs in a crate, and they notice it, which creates more anxiety. But we must remember that the box doesn’t bother them, moreover, they feel safe inside. We must not present it to them as something negative and if it is difficult for them to enter, it is best not to force them and give them their time, speeding it up with positive reinforcement, caresses, toys, prizes… etc.

If your dog has never had a transport box, it is recommended to start using it at home first, placing a blanket inside and getting the furry used to being his shelter and bed. Thus, when we have to take a short trip to the vet or a trip, the dog will not miss having to get inside.

The transport box is one of the safest options to take your dog on a trip, since it can be secured in the back of the car.

At Best for Pets, we will be happy to advise you on choosing the most suitable transport box for your furry friend. You can review the available options here

Belts, harnesses and harnesses

These accessories will prevent your dog from falling or hitting the ground or doors in the case of traveling in the back seat of the car.

In addition, Chilean law requires that dogs traveling in cars be tied up.

“Article 80.- The transportation of domestic animals in the front seats of vehicles is prohibited. When they are transported in the back of trucks or other open vehicles, they must be sufficiently secured with special harnesses.”

Here are some examples, if you want to discover more useful accessories for travel, we recommend you access the “Car and Travel for dogs” section of our website.

Another reason why traveling with our dog in the car can become a complicated situation is dirt, hair and so on, but don’t worry! We have the perfect solution so that you can forget about this issue and enjoy trips and vacations with your favorite furry friend. With the rear seat covers you protect the car seats from dirt and hair that your pet can drop during transfers or trips.

With this accessory you will make sure that nothing happens to your car and you will be able to relax and enjoy a safe and well-deserved vacation with your gift. Do not hesitate to visit the “Car and travel for dogs” section on our website where you will find everything you need to enjoy a great vacation or getaway with your dog without being scared or nervous.

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By Lee Chun Hei