Forbidden Food for Dogs

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There are many types and varied diets to feed our furry ones, from strictly natural diets to food packaged by big brands that are improved day by day in their production process.

But what we cannot forget at any time is that the diet we offer our dog must be balanced and help it grow healthy and strong, and for this reason it is worth taking the time to offer it the most appropriate dog food based on its size. , weight, age and physical condition.

There is an inherited culture whereby we sometimes give our dogs scraps of our own food. Sometimes simply to see what face they put on and other times simply because with their “sad face” when they see us eat they awaken our tenderness and we decide to share a “bit” with them. But we must know and take into account that there are many foods that are really toxic for our dog and that they should never eat. It is true that some of them in small amounts may not harm your body, but it is always better to avoid their intake.

Today from Best for Pets, we made a list of prohibited foods for dogs. Here we will tell you which are the most common and dangerous toxic foods for dogs, prohibited foods, which are not necessarily fatal, if they are toxic to our dogs.

Not all dogs react the same to the toxins in these foods, but they are harmful to everyone in large quantities.

Some of the dog foods considered prohibited may be very obvious, but it is worth reviewing the list because some of them may surprise us or we may not be aware of their toxicity.
Prohibited foods for dogs


It is a very harmful food for our dogs in any format. It contains a toxin called theobromine, which is harmless to humans, but really harmful to dogs. It can cause seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and even the death of our gift.

onions and garlic

Whether raw or cooked, these foods are equally toxic to our dogs.

They contain sulfoxides that are capable of causing significant anemia in our dog, destroying its red blood cells.

If your dog eats this food it will not get sick right away, it can take up to five days for it to show symptoms such as a change in the color of its urine. Let’s be prudent and avoid ingesting it by accident.

Dairy products

The lactose contained in this type of food is assimilated by most humans thanks to an enzyme called lactase. Dogs stop generating this enzyme after a few months of life, so they are unable to digest lactose.

The intake of this type of food by our furry dog can cause diarrhoea, stomach pain and serious digestive problems.

This type of food is very appetizing for our dogs and they like it, so you have to be careful to avoid eating it.

Cheese is not a recommended food for dogs either because it also contains lactose, even if they have been fermented. Better to avoid them!

Special mention would be natural yogurts that do not contain lactose, and can provide our dog with calcium and protein, thus being beneficial for their health.

Tomatoes, potatoes and avocados

This type of food should never be eaten by our dogs. Tomatoes and potatoes contain oxalates and glycoalkaloids; and the avocado contains persin that will cause serious digestive and kidney problems in our dog as well as respiratory abnormalities, even leading to a coma.

This type of food should not be eaten by our dog, neither raw nor cooked, even if we see how it licks its lips when we are eating it.

grapes and raisins

The type of toxin this fruit contains is still being studied, but what has been shown is that they are highly toxic to our dogs. Eating just a few grapes can cause severe kidney failure and even death. If your dog has accidentally eaten grapes and has not gotten sick, do not trust yourself and prevent him from doing it again.

Fruits with seeds or stone

The fruit itself is not harmful to our dogs, but fruits that contain stone inside such as plums, peaches, apples, etc… are very dangerous for our furry ones.

In this shell the seeds of the fruit itself are produced and these seeds contain small amounts of cyanide, perfectly assimilable for humans, but not so for dogs.

Dogs that ingest these seeds may develop hyperventilation, seizures, and severe respiratory problems.

In addition, the pit of the fruit itself, accidentally ingested, can cause intestinal obstructions capable of causing the death of our pet.


It contains a large amount of vitamin A, which, while not being harmful in adequate doses, is difficult for our dogs to assimilate and can cause anorexia, bone deformation and even death.

Although this food is used in natural diets such as the Barf diet, it is important not to make it a regular food in our furry’s diet and to administer it only in small doses and preferably cooked.


It is an inherited custom to provide our dog with bones. It’s been done all my life!

But really the only bones that we should provide our dog with are milky, tender or knee bones from cow or veal and always completely raw.

Cooked bones can splinter and cause serious problems in the dog’s digestive system by getting stuck somewhere in it.


It seems crazy that someone would want to give their dog alcohol, but sometimes someone might be tempted to do so to see his reaction. It is a tremendous mistake!

Alcohol is a potent poison for dogs and can cause coma and even death.


These nuts contain high phosphorus content and are toxic to our dogs.

raw eggs

The shell of the eggs can cause salmonellosis and this disease, just like for humans, can be fatal for our pet.

If we want to give our dog an egg, we should always do it without the shell and preferably cooked.

Raw fish and bones

Raw fish can contain dangerous parasites and toxins. If we want to provide raw fish to our furry ones, it is advisable to freeze them a few days before so that the parasites die in the process and do not reach our dog’s digestive system.

The spines are dangerous because they can cause problems in the dog’s digestive system by getting stuck somewhere in it.

fungi and mushrooms

They contain toxins that are very dangerous for dogs. They can cause diarrhea, vomiting and kidney problems.

Let’s avoid eating this type of food and if you accidentally think that your dog has been able to ingest it, go quickly to your vet.

Coffee or tea

Caffeine is completely intolerable by our dogs and it is a very powerful poison for them. Dogs cannot ingest anything that contains caffeine or derivatives.

sweets and candies

The sugar contained in this type of food and especially the sweetener called xylitol is very harmful to our dog’s health.

Let’s keep him from accidentally consuming them at birthday parties where treats roll around the house.

salt and yeast

Salt can cause convulsions and vomiting and in severe cases even death. Dogs do not tolerate salt and we should never provide it.

The food indicated for the consumption of dogs already contains the adequate proportion of salt and it is not necessary to add anything else.

For its part, yeast is also very toxic to dogs, so we should never leave it within their reach to avoid accidentally ingesting it.

Swiss chard and spinach

These types of vegetables are very rich in oxalic acid, which is especially dangerous for the health of our dogs.

This is a list of the main foods for dogs that can seriously damage their health and with which extreme caution must be taken so that they do not ingest them, even accidentally.

Remember that the best alternative is to rely on the food provided by the main food brands, who work tirelessly to achieve balanced formulas in terms of nutrients, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that will make our furry dogs grow and develop healthy and strong.

Consult the wide range of dog food that we have in our online store for pets and do not hesitate to consult us when choosing the most appropriate for your gift.

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By Lee Chun Hei