Fowl’s Head Seascape, Indonesia

And that’s good, because this spherical of avian flu is basically devastating. All of our takeout containers are created from recycled supplies and biodegradable. More than 10% of our internet earnings go to supporting native canine & cat rescue and animal welfare initiatives. Conservation International is grateful to work in shut partnership with the individuals of West Papua, the federal government of Indonesia, The Nature Conservancy, WWF and more than thirty other companions. Special due to The Walton Family Foundation for its long-standing help of the Bird’s Head Seascape Initiative. The waters of the Bird’s Head have been dropped at the brink of damage — and for 12 years, Conservation International has been working to deliver them again, working alongside the communities that depend upon them.


The vast majority of chook species are socially monogamous, normally for one breeding season at a time, typically for years, and rarely for life. Other species have breeding methods that are polygynous or, hardly ever, polyandrous . Birds produce offspring by laying eggs that are fertilised via sexual replica. Most birds have an prolonged period of parental care after hatching.

Attracting Birds

They perceive their own reflection in glass as a competing male, and assault it repeatedly in an try and drive the intruder off. Wildlife Care Center recommends placing the bird in a small box lined with a towel and place the box in a warm, dark, quiet place. Check the chook in a single hour – beware, the fowl may be far more lively. If the chook is alert, energetic and capable of fly, launch it instantly. If the fowl is still having trouble, bring it to the Wildlife Care Center or a wildlife rehabilitation facility close to you.

By Lee Chun Hei

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