French Bulldog, a very affectionate and playful dog.

The French Bulldog is a very affectionate and playful furry dog. Its large bat ears and its muscular and compact body stand out. Its head is square in shape and its muzzle is flat, therefore we would be talking about a brachycephalic dog and we must take this into account to avoid health problems.

Origin of the French Bulldog.

The beginnings of the French Bulldog are in England. It arose from the crossing of the English bulldog and French terriers. At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, who were still working with their hands, they moved to France and took these furry ones with them.

It was in France that they began to gain a lot of popularity and years later they returned to their country of origin as an established breed.

The 1950s was when the French Bulldog reached its highest level of popularity.

At present there are numerous clubs and breeders of this breed throughout the world.
Physical characteristics of the French Bulldog.

They are small and robust. The back is broad and muscular. It has a wide and square head, with wrinkles on the skin that we must always keep clean to avoid skin problems. As we said before, it is a brachycephalic, so we will have to pay special attention and not let it play too hard as it can cause respiratory problems. His ears are large and elongated, bat-like.

Height: 27-33cm
Weight: males up to 12.5 kg and females up to 11 kg
Life expectancy: 10-12 years
Small size
Coat: short and soft
Energy: medium

Character of the French Bulldog: a sociable and playful dog.

We are talking about an affectionate, sociable and playful breed. They need to be one of the family, they demand a lot of attention and are easy to socialize.

It is a sweet breed and not very problematic, although they are quite dependent so you should not spend a lot of time alone as you could suffer from anxiety.

They are ideal for all types of homes, whether for families with children or people who live alone, they adapt very well to all types of homes and love to spend time with their owners, even on the sofa!

Special care of the French Bulldog.

It is a short-haired dog, so 1 or 2 weekly brushings is enough.

We must pay special attention to cleaning the folds of his face and cleaning his ears to avoid infections.

Despite being a playful dog, it tires quickly, so exercise should be moderate.

In addition, we must pay attention to the weather, and not go for a walk in the hottest moments of the day, it is advisable to always carry fresh water with us, since it can easily suffer a thermal shock.

Curiosities of the Frenchies.

In the 1800s they became very popular in Paris, they were seen in sidewalk cafes and ballrooms.

Due to their constitution they are not good swimmers.

They can snore even when they are awake.

They have appeared in numerous works of art.

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By Lee Chun Hei