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They look similar to winter white dwarf hamsters. The first hamster was collected in Mongolia on July 1, 1902. These hamsters are crepuscular, which means that they’re most energetic at dawn and at dusk. Tubes and tunnel methods also fulfill a hamster’s natural burrowing and tunneling intuition. In the wild, they construct tunnel methods under the ground the place they have burrows to nest in and store food in. While most pet hamsters have a wheel inside their cage, including a tube/tunnel system opens a complete new world for them that makes them pleased and by no means bored.


A small animal litter box can make cleaning the cage much less of a chore, too, and Hamster treats will make the potty training process easy. This virus normally infects wild mice; hamsters become infected with it solely occasionally. The virus is unfold by contact with an contaminated rodent’s urine or saliva or via tiny droplets spread when sick rodents sneeze or cough. An infected pregnant hamster can pass it to her fetuses in the womb.

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If you notice your little pet is upset, mad, or sick, you’ll have the ability to change the way you care for it by bettering its state of affairs. Often, you may simply have to build more belief along with your pet for it not to act aggressively or get frightened whenever you put your arms in the cage. The following is a listing of behaviors and what they imply. Exercise wheels are usually preferred over saucers amongst the Hamster proprietor community as a end result of they provide a more pure method for a hamster to run. Just make certain your pet doesn’t have a curved backbone when running, as which means the wheel is just too small.

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