Help your dog in case of earthquake

Even in this stage of confinement, it is important to remember the appropriate precautionary measures to keep our family and dog safe inside and outside the home in the event of an earthquake or natural catastrophe.

Pedigree® from the hand of specialists, wants to share with you some recommendations so that you know how to help that member of the household that does not fend for itself, or a dog or cat lost after being separated from its owner:

  1. Emergency kit: just as it is recommended to keep a survival suitcase at the door of homes, in these times it is important to include an additional pair of face masks and antibacterial gel. For your pet it will help you to have a bag of croquettes, at least 3 kilos, a special water bottle and bags to collect her feces.
  2. Keep calm: your family comes first, organize the adults and divide tasks. If there are children, hold them and only open the door of your home so that everyone can get out, including your dog. If possible, put a leash on it to prevent it from running away, remember that they get scared too.
  3. Identification plate: it is essential that your pet always have a plate that has her name and a telephone number to which they can contact in case they get lost.
  4. Photography: we all have photographs of our pets, but it is important to update them and have a couple where your dog can be seen completely, in case it is necessary to share it in case of loss.

    What to do when you find a dog or cat and it is lost?

  • Safeguard him: Try to capture him, he’s probably just as scared as you are, but try to stay calm. Approach delicately and kindly stretching out your arm and little by little allow him to smell your hand.
  • Reassure him: Once you’ve gotten that close, reward him and try to reassure him by using a soft voice and stroking him if he allows it.
  • Safeguard it: Check its tag and while you contact the owner, give this dog or cat a temporary home. If you do not have a plate or contact, take a photo of it and spread it on your social networks with the hashtag of the neighborhood where you found it.
  • Injuries: later you must make sure that he is not injured, try to get him to walk or move a little, in case you notice any anomaly, try to help him and put him in a cardboard box or a transporter box (kennel), and transfer him to a clinic vet to give you the help you need.

    These animals are our companions and deserve all the good that is in us, they are living beings that require our solidarity, just as we show it to those who need it. On the other hand, it is important to know how to act as a responsible owner and be as prepared as possible for any situation that comes our way.

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By Lee Chun Hei