Here are Tips to Help Stop Your Puppy from Peeing in the House

If you own a dog, you have dealt with accidents occasionally. You probably understand how frustrating it can be to meet a puddle of pee in the middle of a room or a spot on the carpet. Even though it is a normal thing, it is not that pleasing. So, how do you stop your dog from peeing in the house? The following are simple tips you can use.

  1. Track Its Behavior

The first thing you need to know where to start is tracking your puppy’s behavior. When does it sleep, drink water, eat, or go potty? Tracking such things can help you know when your dog pees and what triggers it. Once you understand the routine, taking the dog outside to pee is easy. It will get used to it with time and start going independently.

  1. Start Training Your Dog

Another way of stopping it is by training. Your dog does not know peeing in the house is wrong unless you show it. You need to reinforce a certain behavior your dog will get used to. As you train it, invest in dog pads to facilitate the process. The pads will help protect your carpets and floors and provide a safe zone for your puppy to pee if it cannot wait. They offer a great option to make training easier.

  1. Keep the Dog in the Room

It is advisable to keep the dog close to you until it can go outside on its own. This way, you can know when it is about to pee and act quickly. Once they are done, reward them so they can understand that going outside is good. Keeping your dog in one room when you are away is also important. This prevents it from creating a mess all over the house. Keep them where they can go, like on a pee pad.

  1. Check for Signs of Anxiety

Sometimes your dog could be peeing in the house because it is anxious, excited, or nervous. They may react to sirens, noises, strangers, etc. If your dog is afraid of or excited about something that makes them pee, find a way to address it. Help it slowly by introducing it to such situations often. It will help it get used and handle such situations normally.

  1. Reward Positive Behavior

It is also good to praise your dog and reward it whenever it goes potty outside the house. Please treat it with plays, belly rubs, and treats. Such rewards encourage positive behavior, and the dog will always remember to go outside to pee. Make it as soon as it happens so the dog can understand the reason for the treat. You can reduce the treats as your puppy continues to learn.


You can do these simple things to help your dog learn to pee outside the house. However, never ignore the issue, and don’t leave the pee behind. If you don’t clean it properly, your dog will be attracted to the spot and is likely to pee again. Also, never yell at the puppy since it could worsen the issue.

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By Lee Chun Hei