How and when to bathe your dog

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Does your dog receive a correct hygiene routine? We remind you that it is not enough to take him to bathe from time to time. If you want to know the steps and tips for a complete hygiene routine, keep reading!

First thing, brushing. As you already know, it is a task that we must constantly fulfill in our pet’s hygiene routine. Daily brushing helps remove dirt that accumulates in the coat and remove dead hair.

In addition, this task favors the bonds of union between pet and owner. Likewise, it is very important to choose the right brush for our pet, one that adapts to its coat and size, so we will facilitate the task and avoid hurting our pet.

Here are some fantastic options: FURMINATOR BRUSH FOR SHORT-HAIRED DOGS is a specific brush to remove dead hair and undo knots in your dog’s coat. Indicated for short-haired dogs.

Its ergonomic design is very comfortable to use and has a stainless steel edge that collects all the hairs and a practical button to remove them quickly. This brush has three sizes. And if your dog has long hair, we also have the FURMINATOR BRUSH FOR LONG-HAIRED DOGS and the operation is the same, it easily removes dead hair and gently undoes knots.

Brushing your dog is essential, but brushing is not pleasant for all furry ones, so we leave you a link to our special brushing section so that you can choose the brush that best suits your dog’s tastes.

For example, the Le Salon Essentials Grooming Glove is ideal for removing dead hair from short, smooth-haired dogs. Make long, full strokes, following the direction of the hair. Do not use on a matted or knotted coat.

Let’s continue with the hygienic routine! It’s bath time, do you know how often we should bathe our furry ones? There is no exact rule for this, we should not abuse the bath, but if our dog lives in the city and has long hair, a bath per month is recommended, and if it is short-haired, every two months.

Do you have a puppy and are you looking for a natural product? Does your dog suffer from itching? Do you see him scratch often? We have options for all furry ones from natural brands such as WahsBar, click on this link and learn about all the available options.

The next essential step in your dog’s hygiene routine is dental cleaning. It is essential to brush your teeth twice a week and thus we will avoid ailments due to infections or inflammation of the gums. Review in our special section the toothpastes and above all the different toothbrushes that can help you in this task: See options.

Another of the most important habits of our pet’s hygiene routine is nail trimming. It is one of the tasks that we forget the most. Regular nail trimming is a habit that will prevent our pet from suffering from ingrown toenails and infections. A tool that can be of great help in this task is the FURminator Nail Clippers.

This nail clipper for dogs and cats. With an adjustable guide to make nail trimming efficient and painless. It has a sharp stainless steel blade that ensures a clean and uniform cut without crushing the nail. Ergonomic, non-slip handle for total control.

Finally, remind them that the daily use of an eye cleaner guarantees correct eye health and also helps to eliminate brown spots around the eyes. And with this the hygiene routine of our pet ends.

It is very important not to stop doing these tasks if we want to have a healthy and happy pet! If you have any doubts when carrying out this routine, do not hesitate to contact us at Best for Pets and we will be happy to assist and advise you.

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By Lee Chun Hei