How can I tell if a cat is male or female? working dogs – Things we do wrong with our dogs

How can I tell if a cat is male or female?

This is a question that worries many people, especially those who rescue cats from the street, or when their cat gave birth to kittens, knowing how to determine their sex can be very complicated for inexperienced people, but without a doubt is vital information that will help give this pet the care it needs based on its gender, so the question is:
How can I tell if a cat is male or female?

Differentiating the sex of a dog is quite simple, and you only have to look at its genital area to know its sex; but, in the case of cats, this differentiation is difficult for many people, this because their genitals are not so large visually, which means that it is not an obvious deduction. However, if you look closely and pay attention when looking at their genitals, you will be able to differentiate between sex.

How is it done?

The male genital area is made up of the anus, scrotum and penis, while in females you will only see the anus and vulva.

In short, to know if a cat is male or female, you just have to lift its tail and carefully observe the parts that make up this area.

working dogs

And no, they are not Godínez dogs that enter the office from 9 to 5, no, nothing to do with it. Although dogs love to work and feel useful, they have no relationship with office Godínez.

Although good, we must remember the useful stage by which this kind of link as it did with us, the human species. So since this close bond was born, dogs have always been useful in our lives; however with the development of society, both species merge to work together. In this way, the modern concept of working dogs was born, a group in dog breeds that distinguishes the utility they have for us.

What are working dogs?

Well, basically working dogs provide us with specific help, which without them it would be very difficult to do; in such a way that we use their smell, sight, agility and all their senses to do specific tasks, such as police dogs, assistance dogs, rescue dogs, tracking dogs, herding dogs, etc.

It is thanks to working dogs that society as we know it today has been able to evolve as it has.

Although they would seem like minimal jobs, before and today, working dogs have provided a great service to all humanity.

Things we do wrong with our dogs

No one taught us how to raise our dogs, and unless you’re a certified ethologist, or live with one, there’s a lot you probably don’t know about raising, training, and caring for dogs.

This lack of knowledge makes us make many mistakes with these pets, and it’s not that you do it on purpose, but when you don’t know about this species, its care and how they should be treated, it makes you make many mistakes, which in the long run They can hurt the dog.

Therefore, it is very important that you know the things you do wrong with your dog, and how to avoid them.

feed him incorrectly

Not knowing about the dietary restrictions that dogs have can have serious repercussions, and giving harmful foods to dogs can make them sick in the long run and, in high doses, even poison them.

spoil him

When we don’t set limits and discipline dogs, they get confused, creating many behavior problems for them. At first, especially when they are puppies, we let the dog do what he wants without telling him anything, but in the long run that will cause many problems.

not socialize it

If you don’t allow your dog to socialize with other people and animals, it will grow aloof, angry and it will be very difficult to integrate it in places other than its house.

humanize it

I think it is very important to know that a dog, although it may be very loved and close to the family, is a companion animal and based on that it must be treated by offering it the care it needs; but, when there is a dog at home, it is very easy to humanize it, this can also cause stress and suffering in the dog.

Don’t take him for a walk

If you have a dog it is because you are going to take it for a walk every day.
A dog that doesn’t go out suffers stress, anxiety that makes it misbehave.
Not thinking about preventative health

Usually we only take the dog to the vet when he gets sick, but he needs regular preventive visits to the vet.

So now you know, and never make these mistakes with your dog again.

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By Lee Chun Hei