How to care for a puppy

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Puppy at home? Do not miss this little guide to learn how to take care of your furry.

1. Prepare the house before your arrival

The first of all is safety, we must not leave anything in sight of our puppy that could hurt him. That is why we will have to make sure that we do not leave electrical appliances, cables, chemical products (cleaning…), etc. within their reach.

In addition, he remembers that until he learns to relieve himself on the street, he will do so at home, so it is a good idea to remove the rugs to avoid unpleasantness.

The puppy must have one or two beds, these must be comfortable and cozy, which allow him to have good hours of rest.

We must also have two bowls, one for his food and one for water. The latter must always have fresh water and be within his reach at all times.

2. Toys for puppies

Puppies need toys that they can chew on. Puppies have sharp baby teeth, and this will help ease the pain while their permanent teeth come in.

It is important that they are of good quality, if possible we will avoid plastic that can break as it is dangerous for the puppy.

In addition, the toys will help calm his anxiety when we have to leave him alone at home.

The importance of play for puppies

It is worth emphasizing the importance of play in the proper development and growth of your puppy. Beyond entertainment, games have a direct relationship with the education of your pet.

Choose toys that stimulate smelling, tracking, or catching. Toys with which they can pull, balls or teethers are also appropriate. The best thing about teaching your puppy to enjoy toys is that we avoid alternative behaviors such as biting and destroying plants, furniture or shoes. Another excellent game to play with your furry friend can be hiding toys and prizes around the house and encouraging them to find them.

3. Feeding – Puppy food

It is very important to choose a good puppy food.

At this point, buying a food that is too cheap could be very expensive in the long run, since it could cause health problems for our puppy.

We must feed our puppy with a specific food for him, taking into account breed, age and size.

How much food should I give my puppy?

The ideal is to divide his food into three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

And remember that they should always have fresh and clean water available.

We invite you to visit our special section on puppy food where you will find a wide variety of the best brands with their guaranteed quality.

4. Walks

Once our puppy has all the mandatory vaccinations, he can start going for a walk outside.

It is very important that we dedicate time for our puppy to socialize both with other dogs and with other people.

In addition, taking him for a walk is very important for his physical and intellectual development.

Remember to choose a specific harness or collar for him. It should fit well, not be too tight or baggy.

And remember, puppies grow very fast, so you should check and adjust the harness almost every week.

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By Lee Chun Hei