How to care for a senior dog

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Is your furry getting older? Dogs, like any other living being, age. Aging does not only consist of accumulating years and experience, it implies that the organs and structures of the organism accumulate hours of operation, and inevitable wear and tear begins to take place. Taking care of their diet and providing them with the best care is essential.
The exercise

It is important to keep our furry active, without demanding too much from him, letting him set the pace. For this it is a good idea to increase the number of daily walks and reduce the time of these. Exercise will help your muscles not atrophy and reduce your stress levels. In addition to encouraging physical exercise, it is also necessary to develop your mental exercise. Over the years, your dog’s brain loses the ability to use glucose as fuel, and this can cause some drowsiness and loss of interest in his surroundings.

It is essential to maintain certain routines at home that allow you to maintain mental agility.

The game is your best ally to achieve it. There are some toys designed in order to exercise your mind. You can review them by clicking here and you can also resort to classic and simple games.

It is important that you regularly ask your dog to do everything he learned when he was young, even if it is once a day. The prizes will be your best allies.

Veterinary reviews. Prevention is essential.

We must increase visits to the vet to make sure our furry is healthy. Therefore, it is advisable to take him at least once every 6 months. In this way we will be able to prevent the appearance of typical diseases of this age, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, dysplasia… etc.

One of the systems that most obviously reflects wear and aging is the musculoskeletal system. Elderly dogs suffer from mobility problems as a result of wear and tear on their joints.

Properly toned muscles help maintain joint stability. Therefore, you must ensure that your pet’s weight is not excessive, to avoid excessive pressure on their joints, and maintain healthy muscles so that they do not lose stability.

The best food brands have a prescription veterinary line that will be a great ally in the treatment of each ailment. Whether it is kidney failure, being overweight, allergic, urinary or gastrointestinal problems, medicated food will help improve the health of your furry dog.

In our store we have a section specifically designed to guide owners who have a sick pet and we offer guidance from our veterinarians through the email [email protected]


In general, it is very important not to neglect the hygiene routines that we have been carrying out with our dog in the adult stage, since they will make your old man a healthier, happier and healthier dog.

To keep your senior dog‘s skin, coat, and nails healthy, have a special grooming session at least once a week, especially if it’s a long-haired breed.

It may be a good idea to bathe your elderly dog regularly, but be careful if he has joint problems, and always do so in lukewarm water and in a warm environment.

Pay attention to his nails, as he has less activity now and probably won’t wear them down as much as before. If you suspect he is uncomfortable or notice that the nail has grown into the paw pad (like an ingrown human toenail), take him to the vet.

Dental Checkups: Since older dogs are prone to periodontal disease and plaque buildup, it’s important to take your senior dog for dental checkups.

Their feeding

Just as puppies have a specific diet, so do senior dogs. There are a large number of senior dog food options that will help control excess weight and strengthen their joints, keeping them strong and healthy.

Food plays a very important role at this stage of your life, due to the importance of maintaining a healthy weight with control of caloric density. In addition, if the proteins are of high quality and in adequate amounts, you will facilitate the maintenance of their muscle mass.

High-quality protein sources are typically also high-quality sources of the substances needed to maintain and repair articular cartilage. If they also incorporate nutrients that the brain can use as a source of energy in parallel to glucose, your dog’s own mental deterioration can be slowed down.

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By Lee Chun Hei