How to start training your puppy?

The arrival of a puppy in the family is one of the most emotional moments that we experience in a home. When we have a puppy at home we want to give it love, cuddles, patience, a good diet, and plenty of exercise because of the amount of energy they have. At the beginning, educating a dog can be a challenge, since everything around it is new and this can make it an expert investigator and destroyer, however, this is the best moment for the rules of behavior to begin through the game. at home.

The first thing you have to be clear about is that the basic principle for training is reward through food. Pedigree® Biscuit Puppy is an ideal prize to accompany him at this stage and to follow the commands you want to repeat. With a crunchy texture composed of calcium and chamomile, it will help improve the digestion of your developing tummy. You should also consider that you will have to dedicate time and patience to teaching him, being constant so that he learns quickly.

Here are 3 commands you can learn in the first few months:

Recognize his name: Try to select a short name that is easy to identify, start calling him when you have eye contact with him and when he comes to you reward him with a happy tone of voice and a Biscuit.
A place to go to the bathroom: once you have assigned a place where you want him to go to the bathroom, take him there and reward him every time he does it. If he gets to do something else, it is very important that with a firm voice and without shouting, you take him to the desired place so that he understands. We have to be very patient and constant as the first days may be the most difficult.
The order to sit: When giving the order to sit or sit, try to indicate with a light touch on the part of the hip so that it achieves it. Every time he sits down, encourage him with a congratulations and add a prize without forgetting the positive tone and friendly body language.

Once together they manage to master these three rules, you will notice how your puppy begins to obey naturally. Add some toys like rubber balls to which you can put prizes, so that you keep him entertained, activate his mind and do not have problems with destruction.

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By Lee Chun Hei