Is it advisable to go for a walk with my pet?

As we know, the pandemic has come to revolutionize our lifestyle since for a few months we have had to modify some of our favorite activities in order to take care of our health. This has not been different for our pets, who have had to adapt their routines and activities to avoid contact with the outside world and keep the whole family healthy.

This is of great importance because we know that in order to maintain good health, pets, especially dogs, need constant daily walks that allow them to release stress, socialize with other pets and humans, relieve themselves, and improve their condition. physics, explore and learn.

We all love that our little furry friend is happy, healthy, strong and, knowing the importance that walks have for pets, the question has arisen, how can I resume walking with my pet and take care of its health?

To answer this, Alejandra Carmona, CEO of Naturale Mascota, a Mexican company focused on the care and well-being of companion animals, tells us how we can take care of our little friends during a walk abroad.

1. Duration: Because we are in a contingency, it is important that the exposure time of our pets is no longer than 10 minutes. To always keep them healthy, we must take these walks frequently as it allows them to improve their mood.

2. Let’s take care of what they touch: Pets are curious by nature, smell allows them to know what is happening in their environment, unfortunately, this could also put them in contact with agents that are harmful to their health, so we must be attentive to everything that touch.

3. Wash their pads: After each walk we must wash the paws of our pets. For this work, avoid the use of disinfectants at all costs, since they can be harmful to your health. Choose to use natural products, Naturale Mascota has specialized products to take care of the health of our pets with beneficial ingredients for their physical and emotional well-being.

4. Choose your schedules: To avoid putting yourself and your pet at risk, try to take your walks at low-crowded times where there are no crowds of people. Choose morning hours or close to night where the influx of people is less.

5. Avoid parks: We know that this may be your pet’s favorite place, but for its safety, it is better to take walks in areas close to your home, as there is no high exposure to polluting agents that could put it at risk.

6. Wash everything: When you return from your walks, it is important that you disinfect everything you used to take it outside, from its collar, leash and cleaning items, to your shoes and clothes. Leave everything ready for the next outing.

We know that the new lifestyle of pets can present some challenges that you must adapt to together. Remember that it is the responsibility of the whole family to keep our pets healthy and happy.

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By Lee Chun Hei