Is your house prepared to receive animal company?

When independence comes to mind, many ideas come to mind and one of the most frequent is to adopt an animal that shares the house with us. The word pet means companion animal, a term that is more appropriate to define the role of animals in the home.

It has been proven that a pet provides greater self-esteem to humans, giving them emotional security. This allows the owner to feel like a contributor to a good cause, which gives him an engine of life.

Coping with life outside the home can cause a feeling of loneliness and emptiness that may seek to be filled with a companion animal. The list is headed by dogs, cats, fish, turtles, mice, ferrets, mice, snakes and insects; Lately, a growing wave of mini pigs has invaded the city, with the adopters of a little pig being the most daring.

Human beings must create awareness that every living being that is deprived of their environment will suffer the damage caused by this act; For this reason, species such as chameleons, tarantulas, iguanas, monkeys, birds, snakes and other species enjoy the freedom of their habitat, which is why they should not inhabit any human home.

In Mexico, with an animal protection law, it is cited in Article 1 “to have the purpose of protecting animals, guaranteeing their well-being, providing them with care, good treatment, maintenance, accommodation, natural development, health and avoiding mistreatment, cruelty, suffering , bestiality and the deformation of their physical characteristics; ensuring animal health and public health”.

Some animal species such as the dog and the cat are ideal companions for the home. In Mexico, more than half a million animals are abandoned by their owners and left to fend for themselves in the big city because they are gifts on dates like Christmas, Three Kings and Valentine’s Day.
If you are one of those who watch videos on Facebook and your heart breaks with animal stories, you could be a savior for some of them, but… first of all, you must mentally prepare yourself, since a pet requires time and love.

In the case of dogs it is like having a small child in your care, you will have to play with him, walk him, feed him, clean him and love him as he will do with you. There is no more noble and loving animal than a dog.

For its part, in cats we find more independence and it is likely that you are the cat’s pet or its slave. However, there are a thousand reasons to adopt one. So we want to give you these five points to know if you are ready to receive a pet.

1. Are you financially independent?

Some expenses that you will have to make are: vaccines, bed, toys, shampoos, leashes, plate, collar and the purchase of monthly food.

2. Do you have time for him?

It’s not about coming home and petting his head, letting him sleep with you or live inside. It will require special time, affection, coexistence and love.
In the case of dogs, the best way is long walks, visits to the park and accompanying you to places where it is well received. And with cats, you will have to give in to their whims of love or they will climb on your laptop keyboard, they will stand in front of the television or they will throw your cell phone at you with their paws.

3. Ask yourself: why do you want a pet?

Many of us get a sign or we simply see them and we know that we already love him and that we will take him home. If you are not clear why or if you are looking to fill gaps or conflicts, it is recommended to wait for a better moment.

4. Do you have the necessary space?

The idea of adopting is beautiful, especially when there are so many animals in disgrace and needing a home full of love. But taking him out of a shelter to lock him in the bathroom, the garage or have him tied up on the roof is not fair, so think that you are going to need an adequate space for him to live and keep in mind that he may destroy your furniture, eat your clothes or shoes and that it will take him a while to understand that he shouldn’t pee in the dining room.
Keeping animals locked up and in poor condition is punishable by up to three years in prison.

5. Does your family agree?

The daily life of a couple can become a real hell if both do not agree to adopt together. If you do not have a partner, you should be aware that your small animal will need you and it arrived before anyone else, so it is not worth giving it away after years because love in turn has an allergy.
The commitment of love is very great and the stories in which the pet must leave the home due to the arrival of a new member are very common.
If you’re ready, remember the golden motto: adopt, don’t buy. In Mexico we face a strong problem of abandonment of dogs and cats, which suffer a sad fate on the street. It is in your hands to help by adopting one of them and taking it home.
Reviewing these five points, you will be able to analyze whether it is time to adopt or whether it is worth waiting for a better time. Expo Ambientes promotes the welfare of animals at home by providing ideas and decent spaces for them.

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By Lee Chun Hei