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If you could have a lady bunny, then has that woman rabbit been spayed? If your bunny is exhibiting this behavior, the first thing to do is to get rid of the possibility that they could be pregnant. I’m not going to enter nice element here, but I will give you the fundamentals in seeing if your rabbit could be pregnant. Unlike chinning, this is quite a nuisance for you as a pet proprietor as a outcome of rabbit urine smells and you don’t want to all the time maintain cleansing your house for rabbit sprays. They may also be doing this to release some pent-up energy.

Wild Rabbits Have A Lifespan Of Around 2 Years

Your rabbit hutch should be covered in hay or straw which is their bedding. If you might be litter training them, get a litter box and scoop. Your rabbit hutch ought to embody a nesting field the place they will sleep and really feel safe. A final word of recommendation around buying a new rabbit is to ensure that you only buy a rabbit which is at an appropriate age. While newborn child bunnies less than 8 weeks old are adorable – they’re far too young to be separated from their mothers.

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