Know your responsibilities as a pet owner

If you recently acquired or adopted a dog to be part of your family, you should know that this decision implies certain responsibilities to cover its basic dietary, health, physical and emotional needs, to keep it healthy, safe and happy. It also understands their behavior and the environmental impact in public places as members of a community, especially in the case of dogs.

Carlos Esquivel, Zootechnician Veterinary Doctor, General Director of the CDMX Animal Care Agency (AGATAN) and who collaborates with Ciudad para las Mascotas, an initiative of Mars Petcare that seeks to promote the care and well-being of companion animals, spoke about these responsibilities in a Spotify podcast: Here we list a few:

· Give them water to drink in optimal amounts and conditions inside and outside the home. Your dishes at home should always be full, with clean, fresh water, preferably from a filter. When you go for a walk, take a portable dish and a container with water with you to prevent them from drinking stagnant water, although they can do so from special pet drinkers.

· Offer them a special pet food; according to their age and physical characteristics. Check with your veterinarian for the caloric amount or adequate grammage. The great benefit is that you will be giving them what they really need.

· Provide them with the necessary shelter; so that they do not get cold or hot, or get wet, according to each season of the year.

· Provide them with an appropriate area to rest and sleep; independent of the area that you assign them to pee or poop, if this is inside the house.

Provide them with the necessary hygiene. Bathe them or take them to the specialized aesthetics so that they bathe them; brush their teeth; and clean up your pee and poop at home, or if necessary, pick up your poop in public places – preferably with environmentally friendly bowls.

· Take proper care of your health. Correctly take control of vaccines and deworming; as well as provide them with the necessary care and provide them with the medication prescribed by their veterinarian, in case of illness or accident.

· Consider sterilization to have adequate birth control and, at the same time, prevent health problems.

· Educate them; to facilitate their coexistence with other animals and people.

· Enable them an appropriate area to play, give them toys or better yet, play with them.

· Treat them well at all times and give them love, thus reciprocating what they give us.

In short, all the care and consideration not only as a living being, but as another member of our family.

Listen to this and other podcasts with more specific recommendations from different specialists for each of them on the Ciudad para las Mascotas profile on Spotify. And if you have not yet decided to grow your family with a new furry member, but you have thought about it, do not miss the opportunity to participate in one of the Dogs sessions on Zoom, in which you can answer any questions you may have, get to know to puppies like many who are looking for a home today, and even apply to adopt one of them. join the league


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By Lee Chun Hei