Maintaining Rabbits As Pets

You can alternatively shear the coat to much less maintained. Pay special attention to a wool breed’s toes as wool grows on the foot in closely wooled rabbit breeds. The wool can mat up and half the protecting hair on the ft, leading to sores. This will not solely reduce the danger of disagreeable odors, however it’s going to also maintain your rabbit healthy and joyful. If you have a pet rabbit, you might have the ability to pet your pal, but Rabbits don’t wish to be picked up or held.

Baby Lionhead Rabbits

Within the order lagomorphs, the ears are utilized to detect and avoid predators. In the family Leporidae, the ears are usually longer than they’re wide. For example, in black tailed jack Rabbits, their lengthy ears cowl a greater surface space relative to their body dimension that permit them to detect predators from far away.

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By Lee Chun Hei

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