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Plus they do not make noise and have huge personalities! 0daystock was making an absolute statement as if dozens of individuals in my neighborhood are releasing rabbits every year. That may be the case in some areas but I doubt it holds right here. In Boston, rabbits are prolific, even with a really robust predator inhabitants.

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Being well-versed in popular culture and a gaming geek helps. Then there’s K, who is very good at recognizing patterns of coincidences and clues. In 2017, the author Terry Miles created a pseudo-documentary style podcast called Rabbits. I had not heard of it previous to reading this, but although it’s set in the identical world, not being acquainted with the podcast won’t hinder your understanding of the novel in any way.

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It isn’t easy to see or handle when your doe doesn’t produce a litter as expected or behave as expected. Kits start opening their eyes within about 10 days of their birth. It is normal to see them hopping out of their nest after about 2 weeks. As a side observe, pulling fur can additionally be a false alarm. Some does have false pregnancies and build lovely nests without giving birth.

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