Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Pet Food

It can take a lot of work to find the best food for pets. With a wide array of brands and varieties of pet food in the pet store, it’s challenging to know which one is the right one for the pet. Things can get complex and overwhelming, especially when not sure what to look for in dog and cat food. While visiting a pet shop in Saudi Arabia, it is vital to make the right decision and avoid mistakes.

Purchasing cheap food

Pet parents must understand that price is only sometimes the quality indicator, especially concerning pet food. When food is costly, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for pets. In addition, the cheapest available product might not be a good option. Certain inexpensive food brands consist of low-grade ingredients that result in serious health issues. It is essential to strike the right balance between quality and price while picking dog and cat food. Reading the labels and then purchasing the best food within the price range is a wise decision.

Not reading the label

Most pet parents need to check the label while shopping at pet stores. It is necessary to know the list of ingredients present in the food and how they can impact the pet’s health. Certain pet food brands include fillers that are the primary reason behind dog food allergies or other health complications. Henceforth, it is essential to understand the ingredients before buying them. It is recommended to avoid dog foods that feature controversial ingredients.

Only buying dry food

Dry food is one of the popular options for dogs, cats, and other pets. Moreover, it is also a popular option in every pet shop in Saudi Arabia. Every pet is different and based on the species, and their diet should include wet food, raw food, etc. It is wrong to assume that dry food is the best diet, as it has continuously been fed. For pets with bad teeth or oral health, dry food is a bad option. It is always better to consult with a veterinarian about the different types of food that are available. Additionally, discussing introducing new pet foods can be helpful for new pet parents as well.

Ignoring the age of the pet

Yet another mistake that pet owners must avoid while shopping at pet shops is not considering the pet’s age. Puppies, kittens, etc., have different nutritional requirements than adult and grownup cats and dogs. Hence, it is vital to pick the food from store shelves that are apt for the pet’s age. Depending on age, young pets need more protein-laden and high-fat food so that it helps them to grow faster. On the other hand, senior pets need food that is fewer in calories and is also easily digestible. Picking age-appropriate food help pets stay happy and healthy.

Ignoring the health condition of the pet

When a pet has any health condition, it is vital to shop for pet food that considers health. Pets with allergies must be given hypoallergenic food, whereas those with diabetes need low-glycemic food. When one visits a pet shop in Saudi Arabia, he/she will come across a wide array of specialty food designed for pets with specific health issues. It is suggested to talk to one’s vet and decide the type of food that is right for the pet.

Neglecting the activity level of the pet

An essential factor to consider when selecting dog food is the activity level of the pet. Active pets demand more calories than non-active dogs. Hence, it’s vital to pick food that matches the activity level of the pet. If a pet parent is unsure about the calories a pet needs, consulting with a veterinarian can be helpful. An expert can suggest food that gives the much-needed energy without the risk of gaining weight.


The above-mentioned are some mistakes pet owners commit while buying food from pet stores. When one visits a pet shop in Saudi Arabia and avoids making mistakes, including all the nutrients from the right food, he/she helps the pet to stay healthy and happy throughout.

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By Lee Chun Hei