Persian Cat A calm, affectionate and familiar cat!

Commonly considered an aristocratic cat, the Persian cat has an upturned muzzle, round head, and abundant, lush fur. They are beautiful, sociable, calm and smug cats. They love to be gifted by their owners and that makes them extremely familiar and ideal to have at home.
Origin of the Persian Cat.

The first specimens of the Persian cat were found in Persia (present-day Iran). It was in the 17th century when they began to be introduced into Europe through Italy.

However, currently Persian cats have little to do with the East. In fact, the ancestors of the current Persian cats come from Russia.

They began to call them Persians around the 20th century since long-haired cats were previously called Angora cats.

Physical characteristics of the Persian Cat.

It is a medium-sized cat, although its long hair makes it appear larger. Its body is thick, with a furry tail that is rounded at the end and small ears.

• Weight: males > 5kg and females up to 3-5kg
• Life expectancy: 8-11 years
• Medium size
• Coat: long and silky
• Energy: medium
• Tendency to lose hair: high
• Need for attention / socialization: moderate
Persian Cat Character.

Although it is a calm cat, it also shows peaks of energy and activity typical of cats.

He is very affectionate and familiar, he will like to lie next to you or on you to rest.

He is usually flexible with routine changes and quite sociable with visits.

Since it is a calm breed that does not exercise too much, we must pay special attention to its diet to prevent it from becoming obese.

In addition, it will be important to motivate him to stay active, with balls, ropes, scratching posts and interactive toys.

Their precious and silky hair must be cared for daily to avoid tangling. It will be vitally important to comb it with a special brush for cats every day.

In addition, we will have to pay attention to the cleanliness of their face since they have a tendency to accumulate tears.

Special cares.

Although this is a strong cat, he is prone to certain health problems, read on to find out what they are and how to prevent them.

Difficulty breathing due to the morphology of your face. Their nostrils are narrow.

Excessive tearing. We must clean your face daily to avoid damaging your skin.

Heat sensitivity. Find cool places in the house where you can take refuge, especially in the hot summer. In addition, like all cats, you must always have fresh water.

They are predisposed to polycystic kidney. It is a hereditary problem characteristic of this breed. A diet low in phosphorus and sodium will be beneficial and, of course, regular veterinary check-ups.
Curiosities of the Persian cat.

They are very sleepy. Those who least usually sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day.

They love to stay at home quietly, they are not considered strays.

They are considered the most cuddly and calm cats.

It has the longest fur within the existing breeds.

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By Lee Chun Hei