pet fashion

Fashion also reaches our pets, not only us humans are or try to be at the forefront of fashion.

It is clear that, in the case of our dog or cat, the fashion is established by us, where we determine, without asking the opinion of the being that will carry it… our pet, who perhaps would have preferred a good prize with a flavor of bacon or any another thing.

Change the appearance of our dog through a haircut, where the French Poodle breed leads the list of breeds that have a large number of options in haircuts such as English Saddle, with pompoms, with a colorful toupee, cuts known as field and city or in the form of sheep or puppy. This fashion does not stop at the haircut, there are also occasions in which non-permanent dyes are applied and put it in red, blue, pink, green, in short, a range of colors that make you look! chic! to our partner. Fashion also comes in the collections they carry, and they range from sweaters, capes, caps, glasses that, depending on the time, can present decorative motifs of football, Christmas, love and friendship, or some like commandos with camouflage-printed capes.

In the case of our pets, we cannot apply the saying “what suits you in fashion” since they depend 100% on us and we must be aware of this to respect their dignity since they have no other alternative than to use or show the taste of their owners, and not infrequently our friends, in addition to looking good, feel comfortable with the outfits or arrangements they wear.

The relationship that exists between pet and owner can become so close that words are not required to understand either what the owner wants or what our pet wants. In fact, it often happens that they are the ones who train us, bark or meow in a certain way so that we understand what they are communicating to us, as is the case of going out into the patio to relieve themselves or perhaps to play with the ball or remind us that it is time to eat or go for a walk or just go out and sunbathe. How do they know, it is generally by observation since we have routines to go to work or to go out with or without them to the extent that on many occasions they sit at the door to go out with us or they go by their leash to go out, and that is part of the relationship that exists between pet and master.

Unfortunately, many times when the food to be consumed is purchased for the first time, the purchase is made out of fashion, which is never recommended since the owner should always request the advice of a zootechnical veterinarian to select the most appropriate food according to the race, style and stage of life. In the same way, the use of clothing should be guided by your doctor to avoid knotting your hair due to the use of the different accessories that we want to buy for you.

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By Lee Chun Hei