Pet Rabbits

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It has a pleasing scent that Rabbits don’t like since it’s so sturdy, and it’ll stay green year-round. Better generally identified as Euphorbia Milli, this plant gives you an enormous benefit over common backyard pests. This is a superb plant that repels rabbits because it has spiny stems and branches, nevertheless it also produces a sticky sap that is poisonous to rabbits and other animals. This plant is native to Madagascar, and it’s an evergreen perennial in zones 10 and 11. It works as a patio or houseplant in cooler zones, and it’s related to the Poinsettia.

How Do You Know Your Rabbit Loves You?

Rabbits eat these to satisfy their dietary necessities; the mucous coating permits the vitamins to cross through the acidic stomach for digestion within the intestines. This course of permits rabbits to extract the necessary nutrients from their food. Most wild rabbits have relatively full, egg-shaped our bodies.

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