Places to pamper your dog – 5 places you should know if you are a dog lover

Places to pamper your dog – 5 places you should know if you are a dog lover

You are one of those people who always has dog hair on your clothes, says that your best friend is a dog, and you spend so much time with him that you start to say Wow, this note is for you, and today we tell you which places that, as a dog lover you should know.

Something that I love about CDMX is that it is now pet friendly, and there are a large number of places that allow access to your pet, from restaurants and cafeterias to many entertainment, fun and recreation centers. Many businesses are pet-friendly now, and I love that.

If you are looking for an area (and not just one) in this great city that accepts dogs of all shapes and sizes in its different businesses, it is the Roma-Condesa Circuit, where many of its shops and restaurants allow access to pets .

But, I have found 5 places that all those who proudly call themselves dog lovers have to know and they are:


Mexico Park and Spain Park

Very close to each other, these two parks that are in Hipodromo Condesa, in addition to being pet friendly and allowing pets to enjoy the park, in addition to that, they have sections specially designed for dogs to have fun, fenced, with infrastructure for cleaning and many special games for dogs.

My little dog loves to go to Parque México.

Hotels and Spas

There are many hotels in this great city that are pet friendly, but today I want to recommend two unique places in this city and they are themed hotels designed solely to accommodate dogs.

We Dog You

Located in San Angel, this hotel for dogs has suites, rest rooms, a gym and even a pool, oh, they also have a very spectacular grooming area.

Smart Dog

This is another boutique hotel located in the Valle neighborhood, it has all the Premium services a dog could wish for, it also has a cafeteria and items that you will find adorable.

Ice creams

Don Paletto

In the Aegean Sea, there is this peculiar and small paleteria, which has ice creams, milkshakes and ice cream; but in addition to having very tasty ice creams, they have a line of ice creams made for dogs, in cone or palette format.
Every time I go to those parts, I take an endowment, for my bulldogs, who love to eat those ice creams.

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By Lee Chun Hei