Purina Felix launches new campaign with Robbie Williams

Nestlé Purina has unveiled the new ad for its Purina Felix brand, starring and sung by Robbie Williams. The artist has recorded a new single interpreting the voice of Felix, one of the most famous cats in the world, and will present the new musical collaboration and the advertising campaign at a European level to celebrate the life of cats and the delicious range of food for cats. brand cats. Inspired by her own cats and Felix’s antics, the global superstar brings her voice to the campaign launching across Europe today. The musician takes a theatrical turn as a co-star in a song with the famous cat Felix.

Thus, the cheeky duo can be seen up to their mischief at the premiere of their new collaboration. In the video, Felix steals the spotlight from Robbie, who is left in the background as he tries to record the catchy song with an orchestra playing in the background.

Robbie Williams explains: “The mystery has been unraveled and we can now announce that I am the new voice of Felix. I have always been a fan of cats and in my life I have had several feline friends. So, having studied his fascinating behavior, I can confidently say that ‘It’s Great to Be a Cat’”.

Available at FelixYRobbie.es, the new song celebrates the fun times cats experience and what makes them so great, like the one and only Felix.

Fabio Degli Esposti, Group Marketing Director at Nestlé Purina adds: “We have the best setting to discuss fabulous cat food with Felix, who is an internationally recognized and beloved character. If we put it together with the one and only Robbie Williams we get our best recipe. The two of them doing mischief together reflect that they are meant for each other.” During the launch of this collaboration, the new ad for Felix will also be released, which will be broadcast exclusively on YouTube starting at 6 pm. For more details visit FelixYRobbie.es

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By Lee Chun Hei