Reasons why my dog is my best friend

Everyone, regardless of whether we have dogs at home or not, knows who has the title of “man’s best friend”, but perhaps what not many know are the reasons behind it; For this reason, in this content of we will tell you the reasons why this animal species holds this honor.

Reasons why my dog is my best friend

The reasons behind this great human-canine bond are many, and although each person with their respective pet will have their own arguments that justify their love and ties, in a generic way we can say that dogs are great and great companions for these reasons. Causes:

A dog is noble, loyal, affectionate and an excellent companion.
No matter what, his only goal is to keep you company and be together.
A dog can listen and provide a great sense of emotional relief.
His love is disinterested and a dog does not care about your gender, age or social conventions
He is a happy creature, capable of contagious this emotion
When you feel sad or lonely, he is always by your side to comfort you without criticizing you.

So, we can conclude that any person who dedicates time, care and attention to their pet, will be able to generate a great bond and say with great pride, as well as a good reason to say that: “my dog is my best friend”, since, of course, In fact, the loyalty, affection and friendship offered by these companion animals can be more significant, lasting and even real, compared to a friendship with a person.

Curious fact: did you know that the phrase “dogs are man’s best friend” comes from a curious trial that took place in 1870, did you know? To find out the origin of this phrase, we invite you to read the content Why it is said that the dog is man’s best friend.

Finally, we invite you to share in the comments the reasons why your dog is your best friend.

You have dogs, tips to avoid transmitting diseases to you

It may seem to you that this is an exaggeration, and the probability that you will get sick because of your dog is nil, but that is imprecise, and it is domestic pets or companion animals that transmit the most diseases to their owners, especially stomach-type diseases, and it is because of pet parasites that people can get sick.

This is the reason why veterinarians and doctors always recommend a good deworming, both internal and external, and that is that, when living with dogs, in the same bed, armchair or sometimes even allowing them to eat from our plate, the parasites that they have, you can pass them on to us.

The same happens with the care of the legs, and that is that, when in contact with our bed or furniture, we must always keep it clean, from the legs to the fur.

Now, you must bear in mind that people can also infect dogs with parasites and diseases, so it is important that both have proper hygiene and establish limits that the dog cannot exceed.

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By Lee Chun Hei