However, many squamates, geckos and snakes in particular, lack eyelids, that are changed by a transparent scale. The brille is normally not visible, aside from when the snake molts, and it protects the eyes from dust and dirt. Some snakes have further sets of visual organs within the form of pits sensitive to infrared radiation .

Leopard Gecko

In every Mortal Kombat game that Reptile appears in, his design adjustments. In Deception, Reptile seems in his human guise in Konquest and Sindel’s ending; nonetheless, this is probably an oversight. In Armageddon, he re-uses his Deadly Alliance and Shaolin Monks design. In MKX, he was given a two-piece mask that permits him to open his mouth and spit acid without taking it off. These aren’t lizards you tuck away in the nook of your lounge or children’s room. Many species of turtles and tortoises sell for less than $50.

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