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One day, a naturalist on the middle caught a black-capped chickadee in a mist internet, and placed it in his arms. He remembers cupping the bird delicately, “looking into its eyes, feeling its feathers, feeling its wildness,” as he recalled at a Smithsonian occasion final June. Meeting the bird’s black marble gaze, a swap flipped in his mind. Marra likes to say that birds saved him, which isn’t far off.

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“What is the distinction between a stray cat and a feral cat?”. Cats eventually displaced weasels because the pest management of choice as a outcome of they were more pleasant to have around the house and were more enthusiastic hunters of mice. During the Middle Ages, a lot of Artemis’s associations with cats were grafted onto the Virgin Mary. Cats are sometimes shown in icons of Annunciation and of the Holy Family and, based on Italian folklore, on the identical night that Mary gave delivery to Jesus, a cat in Bethlehem gave birth to a kitten. Domestic cats have been unfold all through much of the rest of the world during the Age of Discovery, as ships’ cats were carried on crusing ships to regulate shipboard rodents and as good-luck charms.

By Lee Chun Hei

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