Sausage Dog, Dachshund or Teckel, a breed that falls in love.

Sausage Dog, Dachshund or Teckel, a breed that falls in love.

Dachshund, Dachshund or Sausage Dog… these beautiful furry dogs have stolen our hearts, but would you like to know more about their origin, characteristics or the special care that this breed of dog requires? Keep reading!
Dachshund: What is its Origin?

The Dachshund originated in Germany, there it was known as the “badger” dog (dachs=badger and hund=dog).

Depending on their size they were assigned different functions.

The smaller ones hunted hares and rabbits and the larger ones chased foxes and wild boars and badger hunts.

Physical characteristics of the Dachshund

According to their size there are 3 varieties of Dachshund: toy, small and medium.

In addition to differentiating them by their size, there are also different varieties depending on their fur, being able to find specimens with short, hard and long hair. The main characteristics of the famous dachshund are:

Height: 15-35 cm Weight: 3-10 kg.
Life expectancy: 15-20 years.
Low and elongated body.
Short legs and elongated head.
Broad and deep chest.
Long and strong tail.
Hanging and long ears.
Character: Energetic, barking and playful.

They are generally energetic, barking, and playful. As a good hunting dog, it will enjoy chasing small animals, toys and digging.

Although Dachshund dogs are cheerful and affectionate, they can become nervous around strangers and growl or bite if they feel threatened. This is why it is vitally important to start socializing very early.

It is often said that the short-haired variety has a stronger character.

They are loyal and very protective of their owners and need a lot of physical activity.

Special cares

One of the main things that we must take into account is that we must take special care with his spine. Being so elongated it can present problems. That is why we must pay special attention to the way in which we hold our Dachshund. We must hold his extremities and back at the same time, placing one hand under his chest thus keeping his body level.

In addition, we must carefully monitor that it does not gain weight, maintain a balanced diet low in fat and rich in protein.

As for brushing, if he has short hair we can brush him once or twice a week, but if, on the contrary, our Dachshund has long hair, we will have to brush him more regularly to avoid getting tangled.

Dachshund curiosities

His physique is due to a genetic mutation.

They should not go up and down stairs due to their tendency to suffer from spinal problems.

They have a strong personality and although they are usually fun and affectionate, they are also quite stubborn.

They have an incredible sense of smell.

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By Lee Chun Hei