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The reptiles are a category of cold-blooded animals characterised by rough pores and skin and egg-laying. It is just one of three vertebrate classes, along with mammals and birds, which have an amnion, or an internal sac, in the course of the embryonic stage of growth. When you consider hibernation, bears and groundhogs slumbering all through the winter probably come to mind.

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To date, only some species have been studied completely enough to get an concept of how these turtles breathe. The various results point out that turtles and tortoises have found a big selection of options to this problem. Some squamate species (e.g., pythons and monitor lizards) have three-chambered hearts that turn into functionally four-chambered hearts throughout contraction. This is made possible by a muscular ridge that subdivides the ventricle during ventricular diastole and fully divides it throughout ventricular systole.

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