animal bond

Why is my dog’s nose cold?

The dog's nose, a fascinating organ of the canine body, of which, in a general way, we do not know even a fifth of its function or even its physiology; in fact, as a curious fact, did you know that a dog's nose is like a human fingerprint, it is unique in each dog and its pattern is not repeated. Although, although we don't know much about the canine nose, something we do know is that this part of the dog's body is always wet and cold all the time, what's more, it is even colloquially believed that if a…
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Why is the bond with a pet so strong?

There are many people who have dogs at home, who proudly and rightly state that the love they have for their dog or cat is so strong that it could be compared to the love one has for a child; This has made many people wonder why owning a dog or cat can develop such a close and strong bond with a pet. Today at we will talk about the bond with a pet, continue reading to find out more. Why is the bond with a pet so strong? magazine published in 2015 the article "How dogs stole…
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