What to do when a dog attacks you

Dog attacks on people are not that common, however, they are possible and sometimes poorly socialized, aggressive dogs or a lack of tact on the part of a person to relate to a dog results in canine bites or attacks, but what is it done at that time? Well, I think the best thing is to prevent and the basic rules to prevent dog attacks or bites are: • Do not approach dogs you do not know • Don't invade a dog's living space. • If you are going to pet a dog on the street, ask its owner if…
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Why does my dog all bite?

Dog owners all know what it's like to live with these furry dogs, it's fun, it's a challenge and it requires many obligations as well as benefits; caring for another living being requires a lot of patience and also care. Having a pet dog means that it will take care of itself, it will love itself and you will take responsibility for everything it does; that includes biting, biting, and chewing on anything in sight. And I'm talking about biting things and objects, for no reason should your dog bite other people or living beings; that is unacceptable behavior that…
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