Rejoice Urban Birds

The passenger pigeon was perhaps the commonest bird in the world, with an estimated five billion within the United States. They lived in massive flocks, with one flock estimated at two billion Birds and taking a number of days to cross overhead. But passenger pigeons also had been very popular for food and hog feed, and had been shot in mass numbers by commercial hunters.
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Celebrate Urban Birds

However, Kiwi, flightless, nocturnal birds endemic to New Zealand, are practically blind. They depend on a highly developed sense of smell, with nostrils at the finish of their lengthy invoice. For instance, even with out gentle, or any visible cues, barn owls can observe their prey by sound. Lacking tooth, birds use their digestive system to grind and pulverize food. The ventriculus or gizzard is composed of 4 muscular bands that act to rotate and crush food by shifting the meals from one space to the next throughout the gizzard. Depending on the species, the gizzard may include small pieces…
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