Is it advisable to go for a walk with my pet?

As we know, the pandemic has come to revolutionize our lifestyle since for a few months we have had to modify some of our favorite activities in order to take care of our health. This has not been different for our pets, who have had to adapt their routines and activities to avoid contact with the outside world and keep the whole family healthy. This is of great importance because we know that in order to maintain good health, pets, especially dogs, need constant daily walks that allow them to release stress, socialize with other pets and humans, relieve themselves,…
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Why does your dog always wear an identification tag?

We tend to minimize the importance of using our dog's collar and identification tag, after all, when we are at home, resting quietly, locked up in the protection of our home, why is this needed, what's more, there are people who do without it even when leaving the house, because your dog is so obedient that it always follows you, but did you know that when a dog gets lost and does not bring the tag, the chances of finding it are reduced to almost zero. Yes, that is the main reason why he should always wear a name tag…
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